A Texas couple going on vacation to Las Vegas discovered a sneaky stowaway in their luggage—their pet Chihuahua Ikey.

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When Jared and Christy Owens checked their luggage, they noticed it was a few pounds heavier—forcing them to pay extra for the overweight carry-on charge.


They decided to do some restructuring to redistribute the weight among their belongings when they met with their adorable pooch wrapped in their clothes.

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Jared said one of the Southwest Airlines employees helped him open the bag and then, “Boom, our ace is coming from one of my shoes I packed.”

“To be honest, we were shocked and shocked and embarrassed. She likes to bury our laundry in our laundry basket, closet, blanket, wherever she can be nice, warm and comfortable, and that day, I think That he had chosen our suitcase that we had left open for hours with clothes on,” Jared said.

Jared Owens photographed with his dog Icky after he was found in his luggage at the airport.

Before boarding their flight and making arrangements to bring their uninvited guest back home safely, they had to take photographs.

Icky can be seen pictured halfway in Jared’s leather boot, caught with a guilty look on his face.

With the free time they have, the couple invites some family friends to pick up Ikey so they can have a peaceful vacation in Las Vegas.

“We planned this trip at the last minute to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of three dogs, a rabbit and several fish, as well as two crazy, cute little girls,” Jared said.

Because someone was keeping an eye on the house while they would be away, Jared said he hadn’t thought about thoroughly cleaning the residence before they left.

But Jared was grateful that he was able to find Icky before boarding his plane.