Courtney Barnett acknowledges similarities between hers and Melbourne band Quivers’ music videos

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“I thought I came up with a beautiful, original idea for a video, but it looks like I was wrong,” Barnett said.

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Courtney Barnett has acknowledged the similarity between the recently released music video for her single ‘Before You Gotta Go’ and the Melbourne act Quiver’s clip for ‘You’re Not Always on My Mind’.

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Both music videos feature respective musicians going into the field and recording audio samples from the natural world. Additionally, the lyrics of Barnett’s song, “You are always on my mind”, similar to the title of the Quivers song.

Quivers’ video, directed by Nina Rennie, was filmed on the island of Torara-Mara-Moana (also known as Maria Island in Tasmania), as well as Voivurung and Boon Wurung country (Melbourne).


Barnett’s video, directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, was released a year and a half later, it was also filmed on Voivurung and Boon Wurung country, in addition to indigenous lands in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

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Watch both videos below:

Feather social media“I thought I came up with a beautiful, original idea for a video, but it looks like I was wrong”, Barnett said while promoting the Quivers video.

“I want to introduce you to the Melbourne Band [Quivers] and director [Nina Renee] Who had the same idea before me,” she wrote.


“Any resemblance is purely coincidental and if I had seen this clip when I was making mine I would have completely changed my concept or the way we discovered it.”

NS Description of Music Videos on YouTube The amendment has also been made to acknowledge the similarities.

“The resemblance is supernatural, but it is purely coincidental” [sic]. We respect and admire Quivers and Nina Renee and we appreciate the way they are interacting with us. “

Feather Facebook, Quivers wrote, “We would like to thank Courtney Barnett for acknowledging the similarity between her clip for ‘You’re Not Always on My Mind’ and this clip by Nina Renee.”

‘Before You Gotta Go’ is released on November 12 from Barnett’s upcoming album ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’. ‘You’re Not Always on My Mind’ was included on Quivers’ album Golden Doubt. June.

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