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A 19-month ban on non-essential travel between the US, Mexico and Canada due to COVID-19 will end in early November for fully vaccinated travelers.

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The new rules, which will be announced in full later today, will allow foreign nationals to enter the US regardless of the reason for starting travel in early November – when restrictions for air travel were similarly relaxed. Will go Essential passengers, such as truck drivers, would be required to be fully vaccinated by mid-January under the plan.

It signals a growing acceptance from the Biden administration of strict vaccine mandates – to Americans and foreign nationals seeking to prove their status at workplaces as well as when traveling abroad. State legislators, particularly in Texas, are attempting to block any such move, but were attacked yesterday by the White House as “against all public health information,” the confirmation that any state-wide efforts may be overruled by federal law.


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Nearly eight million people got COVID vaccine booster

A total of 7.79 million people have received their first booster dose — 4.2 percent of those who are fully vaccinated — as part of a winter-boosting program to boost the public’s immunity.

#DYK? As of October 9, 2021, approximately 8 million people have received a #COVID-19 Booster The CDC’s COVID data tracker now has data showing how many people in the United States have received a booster shot. View data:

— CDC (@CDCgov) 12 October 2021

Russia says 11 percent of COVID patients are in critical or critical condition

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The country is facing yet another surge of infections – similar in magnitude to the delta variant wave that the US is currently passing – due to low vaccination rates and hesitation over a new nationwide lockdown.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said yesterday that the dramatic rise in infections is putting enormous strain on Russia’s health care system, with nearly 250,000 virus patients being treated in hospitals.

Full Story: Russia says 11 percent of hospitalized patients are in critical or critical condition

WATCH: Southwest Airlines pilot goes viral after speaking out against vaccine mandate

A clip of pilot Sean Andrew Walker explaining why he is against vaccine mandates on airline employees has been viewed millions of times after it was widely shared by right-wing figures.

During the video, Walker explained how he is now “facing an ultimatum, not a choice, but an ultimatum”, after being told that he must abide by President Biden’s mandate, meaning that all Federal employees should be vaccinated against the virus.

Full Story: Video of pilot speaking out against vaccine mandate has been viewed 2 million times

It’s the bravest thing I’ve seen in years. God bless these pilots. The heroes we need right now ️️

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) 11 October 2021

Democrats bet on vaccination mandate as key 2022 election issue

COVID politics – and the difficult social divisions that come with it – will likely continue to be a key feature of the midterm next year as the White House seeks to completely roll back the idea of ​​a vaccine mandate at home and abroad.

Democrats claim to have proof that the public is on their side, As reported by The Hill, fueling hopes among party strategists that he can retain control of the House and Senate. It will be the first major post-pandemic election test since California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall vote – a battle largely fought and won over COVID issues.

Biden stresses vaccination as key to ‘accelerating path out of pandemic’

Ahead of the full announcement on vaccine mandates across land borders later today, the president has once again urged all Americans to be fully immunized against COVID.

In a tweet, he claimed his “plan to accelerate the way out of the pandemic” but said its success hinged on people adhering to the recommendation to get both shots.

Friends, it has been a month since I formulated my plan to expedite the way out of this pandemic. We have made real progress, but we still have a long way to go.

There is no better way to defeat this pandemic than to vaccinate the majority of Americans. Its as simple as that.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) 12 October 2021

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News of the easing of land border restrictions will be positive news for many people – especially in Mexico and Canada with friends and relatives in the US – but the domestic battle over the vaccine mandate continues.

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