MONTREAL – Parents and guardians of Quebec children ages five to 11 can now book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment for their children.

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The Quebec government says it will reveal details of its COVID-19 vaccine rollout for children in this age group on Tuesday afternoon.


According to Health Canada, the dose of vaccine prescribed for younger children is lower than for older children and adults, because they usually have stronger immune systems.

  • Watch live at 5 pm: Quebec unveils plans for COVID-19 vaccine rollout for children

“In clinical trials, low doses provided very good protection against COVID-19 in children,” Health Canada said. “It is not yet clear how long the protection will last.”

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The second dose of vaccine should be given at least eight weeks after the first.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubey says he plans to vaccinate at least one of the province’s 700,000 children with a dose by Christmas – but those vaccines will not be subject to the passport rule.

“That is not our objective. We will focus on immunizing children,” he said. “At this age, we assume they will have their parents with them and we have to keep it simple.”

He notes that the vaccine will be offered in both schools and vaccination centers so that parents can visit with their children.

A recent survey by the Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ) found that a significant percentage of parents Unsure whether they will allow their children to get vaccinated.

According to the survey conducted between October 29 and November 10, 42 per cent of parents say they would absolutely vaccinate their children, 19 per cent say they are sure, seven per cent say they are not sure about the idea. are against, 21 per cent are absolutely opposed and 11 per cent are unsure.

Canada is expected to receive 2.9 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine for children, with the first shipment already arriving in Halifax, NS. last Sunday.