Covid: Biden calls 500,000 death toll a ‘heartbreaking milestone’

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    President Joe Biden addressed the nation as the US passed the figure of 500,000 COVID-related deaths, the highest number of any country.

    “As a nation, we cannot accept such cruel fate. We must resist the numbness of sorrow,” he said.

    The President and Vice President, and their spouses, then celebrated a moment of silence outside the White House during a candle-lighting ceremony.

    The confirmed US infection is now 28.1 million, which is also a global record.

    “Today I ask all Americans to remember. Remember those we lost and the ones we left behind.

    How did Biden mark the occasion?

    The President ordered all flags on federal property to be reduced to half mast for the next five days.

    At the White House, he opened his speech noting that COVID’s number of American deaths was higher than those who died from the combined war of World War One, World War Two, and the Vietnam War.

    “Today we mark really serious, heart-pounding milestones – 500,071 dead,” he said.

    “We often hear people described as ordinary Americans,” he said. “There is no such thing, there is nothing ordinary about them. The people we lost were extraordinary. They have been going on for generations. Born in America, left for America.

    “Many of them breathed their last in America alone.”

    Family bereaved Gregory Blanks, 50, who died in January in Texas with COVID

    He Drawn on his experience with grief – his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident in 1972 and one of their sons died of brain cancer in 2015.

    “I know it doesn’t happen when it happens. I know what happens when you’re holding your hands? They have a look in their eye and they slip away,” he said. .

    “For me, the way to sorrow and sorrow is to find purpose.”

    Mr. Biden’s approach to the pandemic is different to that of his predecessor, Donald Trump, who doubted the impact of the deadly virus and was seen as politicizing the masks and other measures needed to stop the spread of the virus.

    Moment of peace

    President Biden, Vice President Harris, first lady and second gentleman during a moment of silence

    On January 19, the day before Mr. Biden took office, he organized a program to help 400,000 Americans die of the disease.

    Monday’s event, marking the latest death toll, comes nearly a month later.

    Elsewhere in Washington, bells at the National Cathedral toll 500 times, once for every 1,000 Americans lost during the epidemic.

    How has COVID influenced America?

    While the numbers are now heading in the right direction, hospital statistics – and deaths – remain high, as key figures suggest:

    • According to research by Johns Hopkins University, 28.1 million confirmed that American infections are almost twice as many as other India (11 million) and Brazil (10.1 million).

    • But in countries like Britain and Italy, America ranks ninth in terms of deaths per 100,000 population.

    • According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), at least more than 90,000 Americans are feared to have died of the virus by June 1. By the end of May, the virus will kill about 2000 Americans per day – down from about 2,000

    • Hospital admission rate has fallen for 40 straight days

    • The average vaccine administration per day now exceeds 1.7 million, while Mr. Biden’s office has twice

    • An increasing number of outbreaks of new variants is a concern

    Top 10 countries with per capita death

    Top 10 countries with per capita death

    Dean of the School of Public Health at Brown University, Drs. Ashish Jha told BBC News, “A year ago I could not imagine that half a million Americans would lose their lives with this disease.

    “We have so much capacity, so many resources … It was all preventable and should not have happened. And so far we are here.”

    The country’s top pathologist, Drs. Anthony Fauci told Granthshalaon Sunday, “People from decades ago are going to speak of this country as a very historic milestone in the history of these people, from dying to breathing — a birth infection. . “

    The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention said the average life expectancy of Americans dropped by a full one-year due to COVID-19 last week. This change is most acute among racial minorities, who have been disproportionately affected by the deadly virus.

    Black men suffered the biggest drop, a three-year decline in life expectancy between January and June 2020.

    And Hispanic men saw a decline in life expectancy of 2.4 years during that period.

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