Credit Karma employee rips RTO policy after shooting near Oakland office: ‘No one’s safe anymore’

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A Credit Karma employee scrapped plans to return to the company’s office this week, declaring that “no one is safe” following a fatal shooting near its headquarters in Oakland, Calif.

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The employee aired his concerns on the anonymous corporate message board Blind, which verifies the identities of its members. The worker argued that the company was more concerned about getting its employees back into the office than it was about their safety.

“First, they moved the office to a dangerous neighborhood where many women don’t feel safe, especially when we’re going home at night and it’s dark outside,” Employee wrote. “Then, they forced us to return to the office and made us choose between risking our jobs or risking our lives.”


“Now, we are dealing with more violent crime in Oakland than ever before,” the employee said.

Credit Karma employees have protested the office-to-office push.
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Credit Karma Headquarters
A fatal shooting took place not far from Credit Karma’s headquarters.
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Credit Karma is headquartered in downtown Oakland at 1100 Broadway – a few blocks from Oakland City Hall. The shooting took place at around 2:15 p.m. local time from the company’s office near Block 14 Street and Broadway.

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One person was killed by the bullet, while the other person was injured after being shot in the chest. wed news informed of. The shooting was one of four murders in Oakland in less than 24 hours. for a local media report,

“No one is safe now, and Credit Karma certainly cannot save us from the danger they have posed to us only to further the RTO agenda!!” Credit Karma employee said.

“It’s fine and dandy that they have building security, but how are they going to keep us safe when we’re going in and out of the office? Are they going to escort all 1,700 employees every morning and every night? Added the employee .

Oakland Police
Oakland has seen a series of fatal shootings this week.
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When reached for comment, a Credit Karma spokesperson said the company “does not credit anonymous posts on the blind, where we cannot confirm that the postings are also our employees.”

“During this recent incident, we again made the safety of our Oakland employees a priority,” said a Credit Karma spokesperson. “We immediately contacted the Oakland Police Department and there was physical security in the lobby to take employees outside if they felt unsafe.”

“Sadly, incidents of violence are happening everywhere: schools, communities and cities but we hope that our work to help people make financial progress can be part of the solution,” the spokesperson said.

A Credit Karma spokesperson said the company has used a “resilient model” for its return-on-work policy since February and noted that “its attrition is at an all-time low.”

“At the end of the day, we are a will-employer without non-competition and any employee who wants to work from home permanently is free to work elsewhere,” the spokesperson said.

Oakland City Shooting
One person died in a shootout near Oakland City Hall.
MediaNews Group via Getty Images

Credit Karma has faced ongoing resistance from workers as it required employees to return to the office in February for the first time. The current system mandated that employees appear on site for at least a few days, instructing teams to develop their own schedules.

one in may interview with worklifeColeen McCreery, chief public officer of Credit Karma, said the company has not set a specific number of days per week required. The company tried to lure workers back with events such as “Thursday on the Terrace”.

With attendance, Credit Karma was one of a number of companies that pushed their employees to return after the Labor Day holiday weekend, new York Times informed of.

“I don’t like to take attendance or baby-sit, but managers need to know where their people are,” McCreery told the outlet.

Company employees have argued for months that they are more productive at home, have more time for their personal lives, without the daily labor of commuting and see rival tech firms giving their employees more freedom.

Safety has become an added concern for some employees.

The anonymous poster on the Blind read that building security “didn’t even know what was going on” when this week’s shooting took place.

“The shooting took place just outside our building in broad daylight when many of us were going out for lunch. How should we ever feel safe after eating at work?” the worker wrote.

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