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Former Assistant Treasury Secretary for Public Affairs Monica Crowley praises NBA player Anse Kanter for applying pressure lebron james on Twitter about his silence about China’s human rights abuses, arguing that “we need more voices” such as Kantor to speak up.

Monica Crowley: Going back to LeBron James, you know, the Boston Celtics Center and Aeneas Kantor, calling up big star LeBron and calling out the NBA and saying, basically, look, you’re speaking out on all these other social justice issues. are ready for. What is the biggest of all that human rights abuses are happening in China? Of course, they are silent about this because the Chinese market is so big again.


Jamie Dimon says he can bet JP Morgan will drop out of the Communist Party of China

We had long hoped that if the United States in the West remained economically connected with China, China would eventually replace it with a more capitalist free market system. We haven’t seen that. We’ve seen a hybrid in China, but we’ve also seen a lot of horrors with it. And of course, China is now the number one strategic adversary, the economic adversary of the United States.

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Celtics’ Anns Cantor slams Nike for ‘shutting up’ on China’s slave laborers

It’s good for all of us, including Aeneas Kantor, and good for him because he’s showing more moral courage than LeBron James, the NBA, the Democratic Party, the press across the board is so nice to him and us. More voices like him are needed. like Jamie Dimon speaking out.

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