‘Cruel Summer’: The Most Honest Relationship in the Show, According to Olivia Holt, Might Shock You

Kate Wallis story cruel Summer It’s becoming clear, and she’s gone through a lot. It is not only clear that she did not have as good a relationship with her parents as she gave, but also that she was not as in love with her boyfriend Jamie as it might seem from the outside. Martin Harris hunted down all of that.

So it makes sense that none of them have the “most honest” relationship. cruel Summer According to star Olivia Holt. But it may still surprise you. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for Cruel Summer, through episode nine].

Kate Wallis Doesn’t Have a Strong Relationship When Obsessed With Martin Harris

‘Cruel Summer’ Episode 2, “A Smashing Good Time”: Andrea Anders as Joy Wallis and Olivia Holt as Kate Wallis | Bill Matlocklock via Getty Images

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Kate Wallis’s family was a good performer. Even if Kate’s parents Joey and Rod weren’t doing well or if Joey was stepping on her, things was “Shut up, shut up.” Joy was all about plastering on a smile and being fake if it meant having a good front.

As for Kate, she was also raised to always respect figures of authority no matter what and she fell into the “perfect” little life her mother wanted for her. It meant hot boyfriends, even if it didn’t fit Kate’s interests or if he didn’t quite get her. She wasn’t the mean, popular girl, but like the girls in those stereotypical roles, Kate Wallis wasn’t happy in her surprising life.

Which is why Martin Harris was able to swoop his way into it and play into the weaknesses of Kate’s judgment or overall mindset. He framed her based on her past relationships with her parents, that home life, and her troubled relationship with Jamie.

Olivia Holt Says Out Of All Relationships On ‘Cruel Summer’, Kate And Mallory Are ‘The Most Honest’

With that said, it makes sense that neither Kate’s parents nor her boyfriend Jamie are things that Olivia Holt considers great examples of healthy relationships. But his friendship with Mallory, which was unexpected but now very strong in 1995, makes Holt much admired.

“I really think the relationship between Kate and Mallory is the most honest relationship on the show,” said Holt. tv line on 8 June.

Mallory has received a lot of criticism from fans, mostly because of her negative behavior of Jeanette and then her really kind, positive friendship with Kate. Some fans may not find the switch-up appropriate. Still, it’s pretty clear to see that Mallory cares deeply about Kate and the feeling is mutual. Despite all the negative theories and fan reactions to Mallory, Holt said that it “all just plays into the finale.”

Each character is intended for both girls, and in the end, we’re going to look at why some characters have made the decisions they’ve made. I know, right now, Mallory is on everyone’s sh*t list, but I guess for good reason.

Is this a clue? It certainly sounds like more than just an opinion. We know that Mallory has a close relationship with both Janet and Mallory, and he has known Janet for a long time. She learns that Jeanette went to Martin Harris’ house over the summer, and there is still a possibility that Mallory has a copy of the tapes of Harris’s house with Kate. Even though Mallory is shady to viewers, that doesn’t mean she’s dishonest with Kate.

Harley Quinn Smith says friends are the ‘most important thing’ to Mallory

As for Harley Quinn Smith, who plays Mallory, she also thinks highly of Mallory and Kate’s friendship. Of all his friendships for that matter.

“Mallory’s friends are the most important thing in the world to her, whether it was with Jeanette and Vince in ’93 or with Kate in ’94 and ’95,” Smith said TV Insider on 25 May. “She’s incredibly loyal, and though she can be kind of hard-*ss on her friends at times, she really values ​​their friendship more than anything.”

It’s a little hard to swallow that the way he treated Zeenat was just tough love at some point. However, perhaps Mallory was just mean to Jeanette that she didn’t know how to deal with someone she liked or was friends with. He may just have a strong personality and a poor home life or upbringing that hasn’t taught him to function in certain scenarios. There’s also the theory that Mallory is in love with Kate, which would explain why he never treated her that way. It’s not perfect, but it does provide some insight.

“I really think Mallory is a great friend of Kate’s. She’s the type of person that Kate has never really been before,” Smith explained. “And I think Mallory is really into Kate for all of this. during and wants to heal from her trauma.”

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