Culture wars to PM’s blustering: A brief history of Peppa Pig

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Boris Johnson unexpectedly dragged Peppa Pig onto the national stage on Monday, recalling his recent visit to a theme park dedicated to children’s TV favorites during a wonderfully confusing address at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) annual convention.

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The prime minister attended Peppa Pig World in the New Forest on Sunday as a family day out with his one-year-old son Wilfred and wife Carrie Symonds and unexpectedly showered praise for the resort in front of a room of stunned officials at the launch. it was done. South Shields.

“Yesterday I went, as we all, should, to Peppa Pig World,” he told a gathering of big corporate leaders, hoping to hear a positive spin on the future of an economy facing business uncertainty following Brexit. had arrived, a stubborn pandemic and continued supply chain chaos.


“I loved it. Peppa Pig World is my kind of place: it has very safe roads, disciplined schools, a heavy emphasis on the new mass transit system…” joked the PM, already raving about a car engine Copied and stopped, lost his place and had to thumb through his notes while desperately trying to recover his balance.

Senior Tories, from William Hague to Jeremy Hunt, have since expressed their horror at this latest sordid display from a man they have persevered during myriad similar crises and blunders with the conviction that the British voting public will never Even the brand will never tire of the buffoonery – always frizzy hair, sub-Wodehouse twists of phrase, zipline pratfalls – no matter how dire the state of the nation.

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Staying more respectable during this latest episode was, of course, Peppa Pig herself, a beloved figure for toddlers in the UK and around the world, with her eponymous show airing everywhere from Portugal to Taiwan.

She’s also, crucially, a heroine for weary parents everywhere, who are only too happy to fire up Netflix and grab their phones to stop a raging mechanism at Pizza Express, in greasy fingers. surrender.

Peppa was created by animators Neville Astley and Mark Baker and first aired on Channel 5 on 31 May 2004 (he was never introduced to the BBC, as the PM falsely claimed in his CBI speech). Which is nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. , The Magic Roundabout, similar to classics from British animation such as Paddington or Wallace and Gromit.

His show is now in itself sopranos-The Rivals Seventh Season, Cain features at least 329 five-minute episodes and numerous books, albums, video games, and live events on the go, each building based on the spectacular adventures of Peppa, her brother George, Daddy Pig, and Peppa. Their extended animal family as they traverse a bright 2D world of blue skies and green grass.

However, the show’s sociable nature hasn’t stopped it from falling prey to narratives of culture wars between absurd adults.

Peppa Pig Its characters have been criticized for setting a poor example for children by failing to wear seatbelts and bicycle helmets, accused by an attention-grabbing Australian newspaper columnist of pushing “a strange feminist line”. and has even been attacked by former Liberal Democrat health minister Norman Lamb. For failing to include an openly gay character.

Oddly, Peppa himself has also become an ironic cult figure on Chinese social media, used to satirize corruption among the wealthy classes.

But what’s worse for Mr Johnson is that Peppa Pig, a Labor supporter who she insulted as a “hairdyer like Picasso”, changed her complexion to earlier than usual 2010, backing Gordon Brown’s SureStart initiative. was mounted on the mast. Election.

“Pieces!” To quote the Prime Minister.


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