Cuomo says NY is ‘willing’ to use COVID vaccine supplements as 1 if approved

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    Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Friday that New York is “ready, willing and able” to release its second dose of COVID-19 vaccine reserves, so that the federal government advances green-light.

    The federal position is clear. Use the first dose for the first dose. Use a second dose for a second dose, ”Cuomo said during an Albany press briefing, noting that he had discussed the matter with the Biden administration.

    “I have talked to him about using the percentage of the second dose for the first dose. It’s complicated, but I think it can be done, “he said.

    Cuomo said, “The federal government is not at this point. They have not approved it, but if they approve it then New York is ready, ready and able to do it, but it is a federal decision. “

    Mayor Bill de Blasio has been urging the federal government for several weeks to allow New York City to waive its reserve of the second dose for those in need of the first dose amid a national shortage of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    De Blasio also sent a letter asking the Health Department for approval to use the second dose as the first dose, but state health commissioner Howard Zucker withdrew that request in an open letter to De Blasio took.

    “This is a federal decision,” Cuomo said during his briefing on Friday. “The state does not make this decision. The federal government controls the allocation. We get the allocation of the first dose, we get the allocation of the second dose. “

    “When we get it from the federal government, they say use the first dose for the first dose and the second dose for the second dose.” “That’s why the first dose is allotted and that’s why the second dose is allocated.”


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