DaBaby mentioned Jojo Siwa in a freestyle while confusing the audience

    DaBaby recently paused SpotEmGottem’s viral “beat box” with a massive freestyle and an equally boisterous video showing her dancing with the song’s Ticketock trend. It was a mention of a young YouTube star on the song, however, it is left to the listener why they were there in the first place.

    On the song, Daby rapped, “Fold me n **** / to see why you are * Teach, Jojo Nova.” The song confused many as the young influencer did nothing to get a name-dropping warrant in the song.

    As a result, listeners took to Twitter to share their reactions to the song. One user jokingly said that Daby can’t fare well in a fight with Ciba because he is 5 inches to 5 inches tall. “Another called on the backstory because, like the rest, they don’t even know why Dabai dropped the 17-year-old viral star.

    The “Beat Box” freestyle is one of the few contributions made to the world of music in 2021. The track joins the “Throw Baby” remix with BRS Kash and the City Girls, her “Cry Baby” video with Megan The Stationian, and her “Kriti” single.

    Scroll down for more reactions to the Jojo Siwa name-drop below.

    Megan The Stallion is a Warner music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.


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