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Dan Hampton, a Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive lineman who was part of the Chicago Bears Super Bowl winning team during the 1985 season, was arrested earlier this month in Indiana.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said Hampton was charged with drunken driving on November 20. Police said he was released on bond from the Lake County Jail on November 21.



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lives in Hampton Winfield, according to FOX32 Chicago, He and former Bears defensive end Ed O’Bradovich hosted “The Hump & O’B Show” on WGN Radio.

He played for the Bears from 1979 to 1990. He was a four-time pro bowler and was named to the First Team All-Pro in 1984 after putting together an impressive season. He was on the same defense as Richard Dent, Steve McMichael, Wilbur Marshall and Mike Singletary.

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Chicago faces defensive lineman Dan Hampton during a game against the Buffalo Bills at Rich Stadium on October 7, 1979, at Orchard Park, New York.

His career was full of injuries. He played 157 games but 10 knee surgeries forced him to play fewer than 12 games four times during his illustrious career.

Hampton was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2002 along with George Allen, Dave Casper, Jim Kelly and John Stallworth.

Dan Hampton was arrested in Indiana in 2021 on OWI charges.

Hampton has had trouble with the law in the past. In 2002, he was sentenced and fined one week in prison after pleading guilty to charges of drunk driving and ordered to attend alcohol education classes. CBC Sports This is his second arrest in the last five years, he said.