Dan Levy takes us on a tour of ‘SNL’ COVID security protocol

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    The ‘Shits Creek’ star made her debut on the show last night

    Dan Levy used his debut Shanivari Night Live Taking viewers on a tour of the show’s coronavirus virus protocol.

    The Shit creek The star and producer was the guest of last night’s program on the long-running American comedy show, making its first appearance on the program.

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    After opening up their monologue by talking about how their lives have changed since the success of Shit creek, Levi offered to take the audience on a backstage tour. As he approached the crowd in the studio, cast member Eddie Bryant appeared, wearing a hi-vis vest and face shield and producing foam noodles to keep them at a safe distance.

    For the remainder of the tour, anti-viral haze, NBC pages were disinfected and sprayed in glass isolation boxes with Levi’s Dad and co-star Eugene Levy.

    Eugene said, “I am flying tonight to wish you all the best, but because I have traveled I am in this isolated box.” See Levy’s monologue below.

    Shit creek Last year ended after six seasons, but Levi has talked about the potential of future projects with the characters.

    “If there’s an idea that pops into my head it has to be really good because it’s a good way to say goodbye,” he said during the Emmys press conference, where the show took home every major comedy series award.

    “Fingers crossed, we soon had a good idea coming to our mind. I would love to work with these people again.”

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