DAN WOOTTON: Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have taken us for fools. Despite their protests, we KNOW they jumped the great Elizabeth line and this PR car crash proves they really do think they’re better than us 

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This is the verbal gymnastics we have come to expect from scam-stricken politicians.

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As Matt Hancock declared he had not broken the strict social-distancing rules imposed on all of us, despite sniffing and groping a woman who was not his wife at his workplace as Covid restrictions were in place.

Or Bill Clinton insisting he didn’t have “sex” with “that woman” Monica Lewinsky – and claiming that, when he tried to smoke, he never inhaled.


Planner Philip Schofield and his hapless companion Holly Willoughby explain how leaving the queue of thousands of ordinary Brits waiting to pay their respects to the queen lying in the kingdom was not really skipping a queue, all as one. I will go down through the ages. The great PR disasters of the time.

Thanks to a Westminster Hall live-stream, we saw The Morning presenters being carried behind the coffin, even though Holly donned a black mask, probably because she was genuinely embarrassed about what they were doing. .

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And as a result of social media footage filmed by some conscientious people who stood in a 13-hour snake row around the River Thames, we know they were escorted to a special entrance in front of the public.

This is the kind of VIP treatment Philip and Holly have been hoping for.

Planner Philip Schofield and his hapless companion Holly Willoughby explain how leaving the queue of thousands of ordinary Brits waiting to pay their respects to the queen lying in the kingdom was not really skipping a queue, all as one. I will go down through the ages. -The great public relations disasters of the time, writes Dan Wooten

Sadly, Cuget has proved what we've long suspected: Philip and Holly think they're better than us, writes Dan Wooten (pictured)

Sadly, Cuget has proved what we’ve long suspected: Philip and Holly think they’re better than us, writes Dan Wooten (pictured)

At ITV Daytime, where I worked for 10 years, they are untouchables; Regarded as the king and queen of the broadcaster, to whom every wish is always fulfilled Mariah Carey-style by a vast team of ministers bound.

When he was given the opportunity to see the Queen’s coffin, it would not have crossed his mind for a moment that he might have lined up with the public, as his colleague Susanna Reed or the more famous David Beckham decided to do. did.

In fact, he seemed to convince himself that his coffin was a sort of selfless exercise performed on Jaundice Fridays (his holy day) to become the eyes and ears of the British public.

In a Damage Control broadcast yesterday, Holly said in a voiceover dripping with fake sincerity: ‘This was for the purpose of reporting on the incident to the millions of people in the UK who have not been able to visit Westminster in person. The rules were that we would be quickly taken around the edges to a platform in the back. In contrast, the honorees moved to a carpeted area next to the coffin and were given time to stay. None of the broadcasters and journalists took the place of anyone in the queue, nor did anyone speak to the Queen. Of course, we respected those rules. However, we realize that this may sound like something else and therefore fully understand the reaction. Please know that we will never jump in queues.’

What is?

Holly, Philip and This Morning are taking us for fools with that statement.

We know he left the queue. There is no doubt about it – it is a fact; Videos show that this is happening.

By treating This Morning’s audience with such derision, it’s no surprise that Cuget is undermining Phillip and Holly’s remaining credibility.

The question is not whether the star presenters omitted the line, but whether it was an acceptable thing to do as ‘journalists’ covering the historical event.

Even though we may be kind and admit that Phil and Holly are suddenly field reporters and This Morning is a news show, their explanation still doesn’t make much sense.

Most curiously, they came to Westminster without any cameramen or technical crew. It’s unheard of for star presenters on shows like This Morning with an unlimited budget.

Obviously, no equipment could be carried into Westminster Hall itself, but if they were reporting on the incident, they would have cameras to film them before they entered and once they left, presumably the public. Members will be required to give interviews about their experience.

But all that aired was a very short clip that appears to have been filmed on an iPhone, where Holly nods enthusiastically in agreement when Philip declares: ‘Maybe this must be one of my most intense moments. , if not the darkest moment in life.’

Even more curious is the fact that he didn’t have a show to air on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, so he knew he would be able to talk about his experience at Westminster Hall as soon as possible, at which time By then the queen had already been buried.

I believe it has become a scam because of transparency and credibility.

It’s the kind of VIP treatment Philip and Holly (pictured together) have come to expect, writes Dan Wooten.

If Holly and Phil had admitted that they had left the queue using their privilege as members of the media, as have many other journalists and broadcasters, their experiences of seeing the Queen’s coffin on the show To be able to talk about that, we would at least have respected their honesty and moved on.

But it’s the holy-to-thou response that suggests we’ve all completely missed the point that made things even worse.

To be honest, I feel like the cult of Philip and Holly is coming to an end.

In fairness, she’s a fine lady who has decided to be dragged into loyalty by her co-hosts in many ways when she would be better off going her own way and focusing on her highly successful primetime projects and lifestyle business ventures. ,

Viewers have watched through Philip after a series of scandals that shed light on his notoriously frosty relationship with fellow presenters.

Among them were the original Fern Britton, a fine woman who is hurt by her experiences, the extraordinary Amanda Holden, with whom she refused to work for something inexplicable and called her out, and my GB News colleague Eamonn Holmes, who Helped to announce that Philip’s choreographed TV was thrown aside only months later.

It came in handy this morning when we thought we were seeing two of our friends, family of regular guests with whom we could relate.

Now we feel like we’re talking two frosty multi-millionaire A-list divas who just don’t look as good as their colleagues or fellow presenters.

Sadly, Cuget has proved what we’ve long suspected: Philippe and Holly think they’re better than us.

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