Daniel Craig, Ryan Johnson Make Huge Salary For ‘Knife Out’ Sequel

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    In late March, Ryan Johnson and Netflix revealed that a theatrical knives out The sequel was not going head to head in Lionsgate as previously announced, but instead, the streaming service will now release two sequels from the Whodunit film series starring Daniel Craig. At the time, initial reports had the deal in the range of $ 400 to $ 450 million, which to date, remains one of the highest streaming deals in film history. This was also a feverish number considering first knives out The film had a budget of only $ 40 million.

    However, new details have surfaced regarding the mass negotiations, and it appears that the sequel will have the same budget (aside from the larger payroll). For the remainder of the multi-million dollar deal, a large portion will go to Johnson, Craig and producer Ram Bergman. Via Hollywood reporter:

    The deal points were notable: the treaty gave Johnson considerable constructive control, sources say Hollywood reporter. He Not to take notes from the streamer. The only contingency was that Craig should star in the sequel and each had a budget of at least the 2019 film, which was in the $ 40 million range. Sources say Johnson, Bergman and Craig stand to run at upwards of $ 100 million each.

    Why Netflix is ​​making nearly half a billion dollars, at a time when the theater industry is close to reverting to life after the epidemic, here’s what a streaming execution Three hearted. “It takes a proven theatrical item from the board and keeps it in its pocket. And this is another way they re-educate viewers to streaming above a studio and thinking about their company. “

    (Via Hollywood reporter)


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