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The wait is over, as the 25th Bond finally hit US movie screens yesterday, grossing $23.3 million, including $6.3 million in previews, over the weekend. $60M in 4,407 theatres.

This is where tracking was observed Daniel CraigAs of 007’s swan song, and as we continually write, if Bond was going to do better, it would mean that a plethora of older moviegoers (45+) came out. Bond is inherently an asset that is as old as Marvel’s properties, and not younger. CNBC shamelessly and incorrectly declared that no time to die Was prepared Domestic BO . to make over $100M, and that number was never in a rival studio or MGM/United Artists releasedCounting of. Even though advance ticket sales were on the rise Venom: Let there be massacre, All predictions at the box office have been defied during the pandemic. That, apart from the fact that in general, pandemic filmmakers decide to go to theaters in a big way on that day, not in advance.


The multiple release date changes on Bond and the promotion of the film to be Craig’s last in a tuxedo certainly raised box office expectations, but understand that this was always the IP for older moviegoers. It was never expected to be a Marvel movie, and many people look back sky fall As an anomaly, considering how it really tapped into Bond’s past in a way that no other title in the franchise did. Rival delivery brass are throwing no shade no time to dieopening, even though it is the third best, currently behind sky fall ($88.3M) and the dark shadow ($70.4M); In fact, they are thrilled.

“One in October where Venom 2 Can open up to $90M, then bonds up to $60M, halloween kills from $40M, and Dune Up to $30M+, that’s fantastic,” said a non-MGM suit of me yesterday. Then, Monday morning isn’t the time to take a victory lap for streamers: The movie is going, especially coming out last weekend. Consider the fact that she no time to diewhere the opening Mission: Impossible – Fallout ($61.2M) and mission impossible evil nation ($55.5M) opened stateside. That’s the wheelhouse for these old-fashioned spy action movies.

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Daniel Craig and Rami Malek surprise audiences at Burbank IMAX ahead of ‘No Time to Die’ show

Other things to know about Bond:

This is the longest bond ever at 2 hours 43 minutes. While the time for the latest never slowed down the box office star wars Or avengers movies, it plays out whether the big guys come out or not. comscore/screen engine shows that 37% no time to diehad more than 45 ticket-buyers, a proportionately higher share the dark shadowis 29%.

no time to dieCraig is fourth best on day one of titles, behind sky fall$32.7M the dark shadow$27.4 million, and quantum of Solaceis $27M. Photo’s first day (plus preview) is ahead Mission: Impossible 6opening day ($22.8 million) and mission impossible evil nation ($20.3M).

-Bond always makes its lion’s share abroad, and many are very encouraged and thrilled by the picture’s estimated tally of $150M offshore during the past week. Nancy will soon have an update on how no time to die Doing this weekend. seventy seven percent the dark shadowof global BO came from overseas, accounting for 73% sky fall, for 71% quantum of Solace, and for 73% casino Royale. I’ve heard that Imax’s hold in offshore markets is great: ~-20% on Scandinavia, -30% in the UK, and -20% in Singapore and Taiwan.

‘No Time to Die’ flourishes with an estimated $113M offshore Dhanush – International Box Office

-The latest Bond gets an A- CinemaScore, which is . is similar to ghost, casino royale, and even the finale of Pierce Brosnan as Bond, die Another Day. it is more than quantum of Solace, B- on the lowest category of Craig movies, still less sky fall, The one who landed A. no time to die 81% received a positive score on PostTrak, and 62% received a definite recommendation. Men turned out to be 64%, 57% were over 35. Fifty-two percent were Caucasian, 17% Latino and Hispanic, 13% Black, and 18% Asian/other. The film performed best on Shores, and IMAX and PLF distributed almost 40% of its ticket sales so far.

deeply concerned Movies are slow at the box office, and are known for their feet. casino Royale had more than 4x the multiplier from his home opening, sky fall 3.4x, and the dark shadow Close to 3x. Second weekend hold was -52% on previous Craig Bond picks the dark shadow and at -53% sky fall.

EntTelligence reports it is estimated to see around 4.5M patrons no time to die this weekend. Over 400k came out during the pre-release show. last weekend’s Venom: Let There Be Massacre The larger format had 24% more seats and 17% more overall no time to die Which is also due to the short run-time of the Sony/Marvel title. On opening day, 22% of patrons watched no time to die In the larger format Vs. Venom 2The inaugural day of which saw 26% of those auditoriums.

Sony’s Venom: Let There Be Massacre Took in $8.85M on Friday, -76% from a week ago, $31.1M on the way to the second weekend, -65% EOD for the total running until Sunday, $140.8M, compared to the first poisonof ten-day running total is just -1% behind; Which is really good. At the same time, that tells a lot about the state of the movie and the expanding market. first poison The second weekend saw a drop of -56% to $35M.

‘No Time to Die’ review: Daniel Craig delivers an exciting and emotional exit to his James Bond

Entering the top 10 this weekend is A24’s horror fiction lambhandjob From Valdimar Johansson and starring Noomi Rapace. The film, which debuted at Cannes in Sure Relationship and is certified 88% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, follows a childless couple in rural Iceland who one day make a dangerous discovery in their sheep barn. They soon face the consequences of defying the will of nature. Booked in 583 theaters, the picture grossed an estimated $415K on Friday $1.1M opening. On the plus side, that’s a number ahead of the Focus Features’ $1M debut. card counter, which opened at 580 at $1M; That pic is only making up to $2.6M of leggings. On the downside, I’ve heard core runs were half as good in NY, LA, and Boston.

Greenwich Entertainment to feature NatGeo featuring Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarely save in eight markets and five screens. I heard the picture at Angelica in NYC made a whopping $12,9K. The picture, about Thai Cave Rescue, was about $25K on Friday, and a notable pandemic per screen could do around $16,2K for the opening weekend for $81K. The document on Rotten Tomatoes is 98% fresh.