Daniel Ricardo finally fits on F1 seat

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    Daniel Ricciardo was met with questions at the launch of the MCL35M following a recent McLaren ‘Unboxed’ video that led him to struggle to rest in the new car.

    “It’s very normal,” he explained to Fox Sports. “I have wide hips. I’m so fat-bonded, I guess – but I come in!

    “It was the first mock-up of a seat, and the dimensions they had, and assumed that what was right for me was not right.

    “Luckily, it was just the seat, it was not the real nail, which is very narrow. So since then I’ve been able to get a seat, and I’m fit. I think I am definitely the limit.

    “You know, I think the way they design cars and chassis is trying to make everything as tight and compact as possible. So really, my hips would sometimes be the limiting factor Huh.

    “I just tell them: ‘Make sure I’m comfortable, and if you think you lose a tenth of aerodynamics, I’ll just drive fast on the track!” He quipped.

    Ricciardo joins a specific list of drivers who found heavy fittings in F1 cars; Nigel Mansell, Justin Wilson, and most recently George Russell, all famously bothered with the thin cockpit.

    This is not the first time sociable Australians have been hip, especially in the notoriously thin 2014-spec Red Bull RB10.

    Daniel suffers to squeeze in Ricciardo

    Designer Adrian Newy is known for his tight-fitting cars and as a result Ricardio suffers severe headaches.

    “It’s not my ass per sez,” Ricardo, then 24, told the Telegraph.

    “Even when I signed on for Toro Rosso we had to fit some seats and they did some scans to widen that particular part of the cockpit a little, so that we wouldn’t sit on the actual carbon fiber.

    “I can’t do much about it. Even if I go on a huge diet my hip bones are not going to change.”

    Thankfully, it seems that Daniel is moving well into his new position, praising the inclusion in McLaren.

    “I think you are part of the team, fitting to feel that way. Being integrated, not only in the driving side, but in the engineering side and in the strategy.”

    “It’s like feeling like you’re sitting in the room with a voice and with enough knowledge that what you say will be taken on board,” Ricardo said.

    Published 22 February 2021 02:10 IST

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