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A police officer working at the scene of the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack believes suspect Darrell Brooks “acted deliberately to kill and injure as many people as possible” because he was driving the SUV that day. “Was deliberately moving aside,” according to a newly filed criminal complaint.

Brooks, who is facing five counts of first-degree intentional manslaughter, is currently out on $5 million bail. The sixth count is likely to come in connection with the recent death of 8-year-old Jackson Sparks.


a criminal complaint filed Waukesha County Circuit Court on Tuesday details how an officer with the Waukesha City Police Department previously thought Brooks was “going to come to a halt and attempt to take the right arm out of the parade route.”

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Waukesha Christmas parade attack victim: Jackson Sparks, 8, succumbs to his injuries

“However, the vehicle then appeared to accelerate rapidly as Officer Butryn heard the squeak of the tyres. The vehicle made a sudden left turn in the crowd of parade participants,” it continued.

The complaint states, “At this point, it was clear to Officer Butrin that this was a deliberate act to kill and injure as many people as possible. Officer Butrin followed the vehicle and its path east. Continued running west on Main Street.” “They noticed that the vehicle was deliberately moving side to side, killing several people, and that bodies and objects were flying through the area of ​​the vehicle.”

Darrell Brooks suspects in Waukesha Christmas parade attack.

By the time officers approached a Subway restaurant in the area, he had “begin to suffer several casualties” and “many people were slamming him for saying he needed assistance with injured parties,” he said. said.

The complaint also cited a detective who claimed to have spoken to several witnesses at the scene.

“A witness indicated, ‘As I continued to look at the SUV, it continued to drive in a zig zag motion. It was as if the SUV was trying to avoid vehicles, not people. To stop by the vehicle. No effort was made, much less slow down,” the complaint said.

At least six people have been killed in the incident in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday.

The complaint states, “Detective Trussoni spoke to another witness who described the same zig zag driving pattern by the SUV and, as the witness further indicated, he felt it was ‘direct intent to kill several parade participants. ,” the complaint stated.

Court commissioner Kevin Costello cited Brooks’ criminal record, jumping bell history and the “shocking” nature of the crime when he granted $5 million in bail Tuesday.

“Two detectives said it was a deliberate act, that the vehicle seemed to have rammed into individuals, in fact at one point the other vehicles tried to escape,” Costello said. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my long career. It seems like a very strong case for the state.”

Granthshala News has contacted Waukesha Police for further comment.

Granthshala News’ Paul Best contributed to this report.