‘Deathloop’ currently doesn’t have proper accessibility options

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The game does not cater to players who need these options to experience it properly

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Arkane Studios Latest Title deathloop Released today (September 14) and receiving critical scores from most critics, some highlighting the lack of accessibility options in the game.

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owning to CanIPlaythat.com, a website that focuses on video game accessibility news and reviews, wrote Courtney Craven. twitter thread highlighted some issues. He noted problems such as the lack of text size preview, limiting the text size to a very small size, and several occasions where the game is not as clear as it might be when communicating information.

“Disappointingly, menu navigation is cursor-only and menu items have no stickiness or snap, so you have to be very precise when choosing your options. The D-pad doesn’t work for menu navigation as well.


Deathloop. credit: Bethesda Softworks

“And the last important menu bit: There is no remapping or control scheme option. The ability to see just one plan.”

The thread sheds light on how many in-game texts are incredibly small and have no resizing option, and how sprinting and kicking are bound to click in thumb sticks, which Craven says, “Will prove to be a big problem for everyone like me who injure their thumb with a stick click.”

Looks like the PC version of deathloop The PS5 One doesn’t have options. Such as the ability to turn on or off camera motion blur, along with standard depth of field options.

Deathloop. credit: Arkane Studios

speak with Granthshala Craven stated that “the biggest one is the lack of customization allowed by players, ranging from UI text size to controller remapping or even different control schemes. Solving those two makes the game a lot of people.” will include.


He also added that the accessibility team and handicap consultants can help early in development to prevent these problems from appearing at launch. “The most accessible sports have both because no one person can know all things and can speak for every experience or disability.”

Deathloop.  Image credit: Mysterious Studio
Deathloop. Image credit: Mysterious Studio

“So reading accessibility reviews and threads and being open to feedback after launch is a good start to be in a better place for your next game, but accessibility needs to be factored into the entire development process to truly remove the bottlenecks.” To be.” continue.

Craven said he would like accessibility review copies to become the norm, as he said “We’ve got a lot of messages asking if we’ll have a pre-launch accessibility review. deathloop And by saying no, Arkane missed a major market by depriving that consumer group of the information they needed.”

We have reached out to Bethesda for comment.

In other news, the Drivers franchise is set to return, not except for a new video game but a live-action TV series from Ubisoft Film and Television.

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