Demi Lovato posted an intimate selfie from her bathtub on Thursday, sharing with fans that she feels “sexiest” during the buff.

“I Feel Sexiest In The Bathtub With No Makeup, No Extensions, No Glitter… Naked,” “Found Her Last Night” Artist – Who came out as non-binary In May and they use the pronoun – Captioned the delicious picture.

“Just me in my purest form,” 28-year-old Lovato continued. “I don’t always feel comfortable in my own skin/body so I am grateful that in these moments, when I am most vulnerable, I can feel beautiful and accept myself.”

Praising her natural look, fans immediately appreciated the singer for promoting body positivity and self-love.

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“The most beautiful person on earth, @ddlovato we love you, keep going, you [make] We feel comfortable in our own skin, you inspire me everyday.” Tweeted by a fan, With another writing, “So beautiful!! You don’t need makeup, you are just the way you are and naturally beautiful.”

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Lovato Lately embrace your gender journey This year has been “a huge transition”.

“If you give me the wrong gender – that’s okay,” they shared on instagram Tuesday. “I accidentally misunderstand myself sometimes! It’s a huge transition to replace the pronouns I’ve used for myself all my life. And it’s hard to remember sometimes!”

Meanwhile, another star who has taken her personal journey this year, Jojo Siwa, recently A central part credited to Lovato In her “gay awakening”—specifically, her 2015 video for “Cool for the Summer.”

“I remember watching it and was just a little bit interested,” she confessed.