Democrats are blind to the dangers the illegal migrants they invite in face

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In the final 2020 presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the topic turned to immigration issues at the southern border. “Kids are brought here by coyotes and a lot of bad guys, cartels,” Trump said, referring to human traffickers who facilitate illegal crossings into the United States.

That single word – “coyotes” – brought to light how many progressives with so many strong, idealistic views on the migrant situation really know very little about what is going on. They took to Twitter to try to mock Trump, thinking he was referring to an actual animal.

“How does a coyote bring a whole human being across the border?! Lord——stop talking, declared Democratic Georgia State Representative Darshun Kendrick.

It was clear that when it comes to the lives of asylum seekers, progressives simply entertain the veneer of the issue with wishful outcomes based on good slogans, simplified solutions to complex cases, and fantasy-driven advocacy.

Martha’s Vineyard, a progressive elite safe haven, is confronted with a fraction of the reality of the crisis and forced to leave behind the imagination by asking herself the same question that has been the frontier state for years: how do we manage these people. We do?

Democratic Georgia State Representative Darshun Kendrick commented on the migrant crisis.
Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick

Many millionaires and billionaires’ sanctuaries were given the opportunity to act on their progressivism by becoming sanctuaries for the underprivileged.

Instead, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ plan to send those who have crossed our borders to Martha’s Vineyard has become the stick that has been slammed into the nest of elites as progressive politicians and pundits rallied around the states. Have attempted to sting back with rhetoric claiming mid-flight migrants immoral,

These people had nothing to say, of course, when President Biden began flying migrant children from border states to New York state the night before a year ago. Ironically Soledad O’Brien called DeSantis’ “disgusting” flights “human trafficking” without knowing that the method many of these people use to reach our borders is a human trafficker.

If one of America’s wealthiest places can’t find a way for 50 people to live, what chance does a border town or a neighboring city have? What do progressive people think happens to these people when they cross the border?

In fact, many progressive people have no idea what these people go through to reach our limits or even what happens to them later.

They are ignoring the existence of an entire industry that controls cartels for the movement of humans across our borders. Women and children pay cartel members for trafficking, and they may also be victims of sex-trafficking outside our borders.

There’s a reason why Immigration and Customs Enforcement is so involved in preventing sex trafficking: it’s a highly prevalent risk for people seeking a better life.

Progressive people do not want to understand that living life as an illegal immigrant is extremely dangerous. They are known to not report crimes such as theft, assault and rape due to possible deportation. They live their lives in the shadow of American society for years or even decades with the possibility that a slip-up would mean losing everything and being sent back to where they left off.

Progressives believe that the vast majority of people crossing our borders are lawful asylum seekers who should be able to live under the protection of the United States rather than stay in Mexico. In fact, 73.7% of asylum claims during FY20 was refused,

Progressive people think that only people from Mexico and Central America are coming to our borders. The truth is that there is a huge industry of people smuggling from all over the world. This is the reason 6 year old girl from India Was found dead at our border in 2019. In 2021, Border Patrol agents famously attempted to capture Haitian migrants at the Texas border.

What is happening on our southern border is a real crisis; The solution is not to wear pink glasses and hope for the best. With two million people crossing in the last fiscal year alone, this issue is not going away – it will only increase if federal immigration policy does not change.

Democrats understood the risk of failing to secure our borders, but they have thrown it aside to fake progressive sympathy.
Democrats understood the risk of failing to secure our borders, but they have thrown it aside to fake progressive sympathy.
Photo by Ed Jones/AFP via Getty Images

Democratic politicians are able to wave a flag of emotional support from a thousand miles away, while the border and neighboring states struggle to manage the disaster. The Biden administration will always encourage Americans to exercise extreme sympathy but will never explain why.

Why should US citizens accept the status quo of border failure? Why should we pretend that the entire smuggling industry is not taking advantage of people?

Democrats understood the national-security risk of failing to secure our borders, but they have thrown it aside to fake progressive sympathy. They can learn their lesson – when it’s too late.

Adam b. Coleman is the author of “Black Victims to Black Victors” and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. Follow substack:,

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