Democrats’ push for guaranteed income is a slap in the face to working people

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Democratic politicians across the United States are pushing for guaranteed monthly cash handouts to the poor. no strings attached. No work required. Taxpayers pay bills.

This plan – already being rolled out in Los Angeles, Chicago, Providence, Denver and many other cities – needs to stop. It is changing the people who work and pay taxes.

Los Angeles County will soon begin offering random applicants $1,000 a month. The editorial board of the Los Angeles Times naively applauded the unconditional nature of the payment claiming that Recipients “know better than the government what their challenges and priorities are.” Translation: It’s okay to leave work and have kids you can’t support.

(Funny that this “people know better than the government” is now popular in liberal circles, except when it comes to taxpayers.)

Cook County, Ill. — home of Chicago — is launching the nation’s largest guaranteed-income program. County Board President Tony Prekwinkle Appreciates the no-strings giveaway as empowering people to “take care of their families, get an education and find better jobs”.

Sorry, but these are the same goals that working people have. Only they labor and save to achieve them.

Tony Prekwinkle, Cook County Commissioner,
Cook County Board Chairman Tony Prekwinkle welcomed the no-strings giveaway, believing the program would uplift Chicago residents.
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Those who are doing two jobs and still not making a living are eligible for help. But not people who like to sit on the couch or live a rough life, as many people in Los Angeles do.

The Democratic Party used to be a party of the working people. not anymore. More than 80 Democratic mayors have Put signature on Their goal to mayors for guaranteed income is not to help people become self-reliant and climb the economic ladder. In contrast, guaranteed income programs support a non-working lifestyle.

This is in stark contrast to President Bill Clinton’s 1996 welfare reform, which made cash payments contingent on working, looking for a job, or completing school.

Today’s Democratic Party has another agenda – the redistribution of wealth to favored groups. In Denver, the city council voted that only homeless women, transgender women and “gender non-conforming” individuals would be eligible for monthly payments without a wire.

New School professor Darrick Hamilton, who is an advocate for reparations, says the purpose of the guaranteed income is to close the wealth gap between races. “Poverty is not caste neutral,” he says, The remedy is not job training or job incentives. It is using government power to redistribute wealth from whites to minorities.

A wealth redistribution plan, baby bonds, has already been enacted in Connecticut, and other states are considering it. Each newborn in Connecticut whose birth is covered by Medicaid, including children of undocumented parents, will automatically be given $3,200 in an account managed by the state treasurer. With accrued interest, when the child turns 18 and collects it, it can be worth $11,000.

State Representative Geraldo Reyes, chairman of the Legislature’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, points out that minority children are less likely to have inheritances or college funds set aside by their parents. Taxpayers in Connecticut are paying $50 million a year to fund nest eggs for these predominantly black and Latino babies. “That’s enough to help with the down payment on a house,” Reyes says,

Guaranteed-income advocates are prompting Congress to take further action. Hamilton is proposing a federal program to send monthly payments to non-earners and low-income adults, with an additional payment for each child. The mayor of Guaranteed Income is looking to the federal government to take its pilot programs nationwide. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Min.) has introduced a bill along those lines.

Representative Ilhan Umri
Progressive Representative Ilhan Omar has worked on a guaranteed income bill for low-income adults.
AP/J. Scott Applewhite

Instead of self-reliance, these programs promote crippling-to-severe dependence on the government. That’s what Democrats are selling.

They call it redistributive justice. But there is nothing fair about letting working people bear the cost of people refusing to work.

Stopping this movement is at stake in the November election. Democrats want voters to believe the election is about President Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans. not true.

If Democrats win a majority in both houses, they are set to move through guaranteed-income programs that will permanently split our country into two groups: people who work hard to support their families. and pay taxes and freeloaders who do neither.

The working people should go to the polls and ensure that this does not happen.

Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York.

Twitter: @Betsy_McCaughey

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