Democrats to unveil $ 3,600 child tax credit as part of Stimulus bill

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    Washington – Top House Democrats are preparing to unveil legislation sending $ 3,600 per child to millions of Americans, as lawmakers target tax codes to target child poverty rate as part of President Biden’s comprehensive $ 1.9 trillion stimulant package Have to change.

    The proposal provides for $ 1700 per child over age 6 and $ 1700 for children over age 6, eliminating the payment of Americans paying for couples making more than 75% of US tax and $ 150,000. Will expand The draft 22-page provision, previously reported by The Washington Post and obtained by The New York Times, on Monday formally introduced lawmakers as a race to fill references to Mr. Biden’s stimulus plan Hope to go

    Representative Richard E. of Epidemic Massachusetts. Neil and one of the champions of Provision said, “The epidemic is driving families deeper and deeper into poverty, and it is devastating.” “This money is going to be the difference between someone roofing over their heads or having food on their table. In this way, the tax code is going to work for those who need it most. “

    The credit will be divided into monthly payments in 2020 from the Internal Revenue Service starting in July, based on the income of an individual or family in 2020. Although the proposed credit is only for one year, some Democrats said they would fight to make it permanent, could reshape efforts to combat child poverty in a broader America.

    A year’s credit for inclusion in the stimulus package is likely to receive substantial support, but it would also have to clear a series of procedural maneuvers as procedural maneuvers are using muscle through Democrats stimuli, presumably Republicans Without. Support.

    According to the Democratic leadership of the House, aiming to approve the legislation approved on the chamber floor by the end of the month, Congress moved to fast-track Mr. Biden’s stimulus plan last week, as details of the legislation still worked. Have been. Due to the Democrats’ support in both chambers and the lack of a January January report, Mr. Biden has warned that he plans to go ahead with his plan whether Republicans support it or not.

    Republicans, who have accused Mr. Biden of abandoning bipartisan promises and raised concerns about the nation’s debt, after Congress approved trillions of dollars in economic relief in 2020 because of its size and scope have greatly increased his plan The extent is emphasized.

    But the child tax credit could provide an opportunity for some bipartisan support, as Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah introduced a similar measure, which would send payments of $ 1,250 per month to families with children. Mr. Romney’s proposal, encouraging Americans to have more children to reduce the child poverty rate, would distribute payments through the Social Security Administration and offset costs by eliminating other government safety net expenses.

    “If you’re President Biden, and you’re serious about being a bipartisan – working together with the people on the other side, bringing people together, then they have the opportunity to do that,” Senator Patrick J. Tomé, Republican of Pennsylvania, said on CNN’s “State of the Union”. (Mr. Tomi has stated that he will not support Mr. Biden’s proposal due to the price tag.)

    Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen warned Sunday that the United States labor market was stalled and in a “deep hole” that could take years to emerge if lawmakers did not pass the stimulus package quickly.

    Ms Yellen expressed concern that large spending would boost inflation and said the economy would face the kind of long, slow recovery that MPs experienced after the 2008 financial crisis if MPs did little.

    “The most significant risk is that we leave workers and communities affected by the epidemic and that economic toll,” Ms. Yellen said on CNN. “We must ensure that it does not take a permanent toll on their lives.”

    Ms Yellen said that by passing the stimulus package, the economy could reach full employment by next year. Failing to do so, she said, could increase the jobless rate for years to come.

    The provision to expand the child tax credit is among the legislative proposals aimed at removing inequalities spread by epidemics and helping families to stagger the country’s economy. Researchers at Columbia University found that Mr. Biden’s overall stimulus proposal could cut child poverty in half due to the expansion of child debt in 2021, as well as other changes to the tax credit and the expansion of unemployment and food aid benefits.

    “This moment is here to make dramatic cuts in child poverty and improve the future of millions of children,” said Rosa Delaro, a Democratic of Connecticut representative and chairman of the House Appointments Committee. She She said that she would insist on making the credit permanent.

    Chris cameron And Jim tankersley Contributed to reporting.

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