On Thursday, Congressional Democrats will unveil a comprehensive immigration bill supported by Speaker Biden, including a path to citizenship for millions of illegal migrants – though the plan faces tough hurdles in the Senate.

The American Citizenship Act of 2021 is a resolution announced by the White House on Biden’s first day in office. The biggest ticket item for citizenship for illegal migrants is the eight-year route – which the White House has estimated to be 11 million.

The White House has bid for more than 11 lawful incomes, ready to be delayed.

But it is one of several items in a comprehensive bill that would allow illegal immigrant farmworkers, temporary protected status (TPS) recipients and childhood arrears (DACA) recipients to be immediately eligible for the green card. There will also be funding for counseling for children and vulnerable adults.

It will also open legal avenues for immigration, including raising the controversial green card lottery from 55,000 per year to 80,000 per year, and exempting children and spouses from visa cap numbers.

The bill would be to “remove” unused visas from previous banks, so as to increase the apparent backlog and visa cap. It also repeals “unlawful presence bars” – illegally banning legal re-entry into the US for those living in the country.

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A separate bill also includes $ 4 billion to target what the administration described as “root causes” for migration from the south of the border. Administration officials told reporters that this included tightening up bad actors in the area and increasing the ability to prosecute smugglers – including expanding the anti-gang task force. It will also establish refugee processing centers in Central America.

The bill also includes border security significantly lower than previous efforts on Bipartisan immigration reform, including funding for technology to accelerate screening and the ability to increase officers’ identification.

The bid, based on local organizations in Ireland, will be dropped from 8 April until eight years ago.

The bill is expected to be tabled in the House on Thursday, which faces good chances of passage in that chamber, but has a murky future in the Senate – where it would require 10 Republican votes to pass.

Sen. Bob Menendez, DNJ, who will unveil the bill on Thursday, along with other lawmakers from both chambers, described it as an “Herculean” act to get through the chamber.


Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell recently called it “a major proposal for blanket amnesty” that would force US laws to be implemented, while for people to flee illegally here at the same time Will create fresh new incentives “while commander Marvin Rubio R-Fla., Which was part of the 2013 “Gang of Eight”, dismissed it as a non-starter.

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Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, has suggested a more limited bill that focuses on DACA recipients, proposed it with Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., And called it “a starting point for us to find Bipartisan successes.” Describing as providing relief to Dreamers and also repairs. A broken immigration system.

The White House has indicated that it is open for negotiation and the bill is being broken and passed in parts.

White House press secretary Jane Saki told reporters last week that the Comprehensive Bill would be introduced soon “but Congress will have to act as it does going forward, and which components will be included here and which will be dealt with separately” Could. “