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America’s Diner is always open to switch things up a bit. A viral TikTok video showing a robot server at Denny’s restaurant has customers wondering if this is the future of the popular breakfast chain.

“Here comes breakfast,” said one customer. Video, “We’re hungry.”


A Denny’s spokesperson told Granthshala Business That California location in the video has been testing the technology for about 60 days.

“We fully support our franchisee’s initiatives and encourage testing in ways that surprise and delight our guests,” the company said. “As testing continues, we will hear our guest and employee feedback for future deployment consideration, but there are no immediate plans for a trial expansion at this time.”

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From approval to concern, the video garnered a range of reactions.

“Cool, I saved $12 by not just tipping,” says one TikToker.

“Never calls, never talks back, always on time, no inter personal relationship drama, never complains… I’m sold,” commented another.

Where US workers are leaving jobs at record rates

Others were less inclined to support the test.

“Boycott Dennis,” wrote one user simply. Another threatened to “walk out” if the robot contacted the server.

“Man or I don’t do business with you.” The video has been shared more than 2200 times so far.

Service robots have emerged at a time when Americans are more willing to quit their jobs than ever before.

A record 4.4M Americans quit as ‘great resignations’ gather momentum

According to the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, the current labor shortage, called the Great Resignation, hit a record high of 4.4 million resignations in September.

One person commented, “Well, people have quit their jobs and don’t want to work anymore.. very cool..” commented one person.

“Looks like there’s a lawsuit waiting to happen,” added another.

Unemployment claims rise to 199,000, lowest level since 1969

The hospitality robot is provided by Bear Robotics. Founded in May 2017, the company considers itself to be the brainchild of restaurant experts and tech entrepreneurs. According to a company video instagram account, It joined Denny’s team earlier this month.

Bayer Robotics’ website states, “Whether you’re running a diner or curating elite culinary experiences, there’s a lot of hustle and bustle behind the scenes. It’s not only expensive, but between your guests, the server, and important moments.” also obstructs.” “By automating extra work, it’s our promise that you’ll drive lower turnover, fewer errors, better reviews, and returning customers.”

Although they are few and far between, Denny’s isn’t the first restaurant to use robo-servers.

Carlos Gazzitua, CEO of Sergio Restaurants, is a big advocate of the California-based company’s product. In an appearance on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” last month, Gazzitua said this has resulted in great tips for better quality service.

“With robotics, what we’re able to do is basically move the food back and forth, so our wait staff is able to spend a little more time with our guests, four to five at the table,” Gazzitua said. told Granthshala Business. , David Asman,

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A Florida restaurant added a $1,000 per month robot to improve its efficiency rate, and it has been a success.

“Guests like it because they see more of their server,” Gazzitua said. “They’re able to have a better hospitality experience, manicure that table and it’s a huge win for the server who is actually earning more and working less.”

Gazzitua said human servers are seeing higher tips and, thanks to robots, are able to provide better service at their tables.