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Eleven alleged members of a Denver drug-using group calling themselves “The Sopranos” have been indicted by a grand jury, according to a report.

The Denver District Attorney’s office said members of the group aged 21 to 42 reportedly engaged in the theft of vehicles, weapons and other items that supported their fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine addictions and lavish lifestyles , Denver’s Granthshala 31 reported.


But unlike the fictional New Jersey mobsters in the TV series that ran from 1999 to 2007, the Colorado crew are facing the prospect of real-life jail time for their alleged crimes, Granthshala 31 reported.

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The suspects reportedly targeted vehicles called “puffers”, which were left with the engine running. Officials said they allegedly made the purchase immediately upon finding a credit card inside any of the vehicles.

Granthshala 31 reported that other vehicles were allegedly stolen by one member of the group breaking into the car and starting the engine using a screwdriver, while another member of the group acted as a lookout or getaway driver.

The report said members of the group allegedly shared information on how best to commit crimes and sometimes posted livestreams of their alleged crimes on the Internet.

The report said the alleged offenses mentioned in the indictments took place between February 19 and September 29.

The accused in connection with the case are Timothy James Bowles, 27; Danielle Holman, 42; Richardley Martin Ortiz, 28; Lana Don Rodriguez, 23; Guillermo Jesus Hernandez, 21; Dania Lynn Holman, 39; Dina Ann Holman, 22; Elisha Monique Martinez, 30; Rachel Christine Montour, 22; Sierra Sandoval, 22; and Ariel Sosa, 21, according to Granthshala 31.