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Colorado GOP President Christy Burton Brown criticized the City of Denver’s “Basic Income Project”, which could give up to $12,000 in cash to more than 140 homeless people in a pilot program, for inflation as “terrible” and “Mornings with Maria”. But it was “unstable”. ” Tuesday.

Realty broker says people living in Portland’s homelessness crisis are ‘choosing elsewhere’


Christy Burton Brown, It’s terrifying for massive inflation in Denver and Colorado. Indeed, right now, we are the state experiencing the highest rate of homelessness in Denver and under full Democrat control of our state, there are 15.6% of the homeless here in Colorado. (After this interview with “Mornings with Maria,” Colorado GOP President Christie Burton Brown clarified with Fox News that she says Colorado’s inflation is 15.6%, not homelessness.)

And as I’m sure you know, Mariah, study links higher rates of homelessness high cost of living, And here in Colorado, our cost of living and our housing costs are at least 2% higher than the national average in most states.

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So while you can’t even rent an apartment in Denver without spending about $2,000 a month, a $1,000 per month ‘no strings attached’This is not sustainable and is not going to come back to these people. It doesn’t solve the problem. It doesn’t get them into permanent housing and it doesn’t help their families.

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