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Federal officials said a Detroit man has been charged with sex trafficking after locking at least 10 women in a basement, where he was raped, beaten, fed plates of drugs and molested customers. forced to have sex.

Convicted sex offender Quiyamabi Summerlin, 42, was arrested last week after authorities removed his alleged sexual operation. FOX2 Detroit reportedReferring to the federal affidavit.


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According to the station report, the investigation began in 2019 after the first victim told police that Summerlin raped her twice and forced her to live in the basement of Burden Street. She said Summerlin made her have sex with paying customers in the basement and gave her all the money.

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At least nine other victims were found during the investigation – some women said they were forced to find a way to escape from the closed basement.

The report said the women called Summerlin a violent pimp, told officers that he would threaten them with guns and that they would be physically killed if they asked for food. Some women said that Summerlin raped them several times.

The women said Summerlin would require them to earn at least $1,000 a day, and would give them heroin, fentanyl, and crack cocaine. According to the affidavit, a woman said Summerlin would give him a plate of drugs after John left the house.

Police said Summerlin listened to women using baby monitors and took nude photos of them to be used for commercials.

The report said that the police issued a search warrant on October 14 and found two women in the basement of the house. One woman said she was there for three months, another said she was there for three days. Both said Summerlin gave them drugs while keeping them in the basement, where they had sex for money.

Police searched the house and found a loaded firearm behind a couch and two bags tested for fentanyl and cocaine. Summerlin claimed he had a shotgun for protection.

Summerlin was arrested and charged with maintaining a drug home, and drug and gun offenses in addition to sex trafficking by force.