‘Dexter’ Star Michael C. Hall Teases Season 9: ‘We’re Making Things Right’’

For TV fans, few things are more exciting than what’s to come right Revival. The show, which first aired in 2006, chronicled the life of a crime lab technician doubling as a serial killer. It was an instant hit for Showtime, but after Season 4, the show declined before ending with one of the most hated finals. Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan), however, promises that the revival will offer a more fitting ending.

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Michael C. Hall said the team ‘willing’ to correct the show’s mistakes

. until the eighth and final session of right, most of the audience thought he would die or end up in jail. Ultimately, none of this happened, with Dexter pretending to be his own death and becoming a lumberjack instead. but looking back right Series finale, Hall admits Wire That he understands why people are so angry at the way the show is portrayed. But there is a silver lining to it.

“The ending of the series was the one that confused at best if not deeply disappointing for people. But I think the way it ended is part of what makes it easier for us to return to that and be with him.” It set the stage to find out what happened.

‘Dexter’: Alternative endings mean a lot to audiences

The revival was first announced in October 2020, with an expected release date of fall 2021.

“We’re still in the middle of shooting it, but we’re far enough with it that I have a sense of how it’s going to feel,” Hall continued. “And I think that for all of us involved in this project, there is some curiosity over the fact that the way it ended, how mysterious it was, and the sense of responsibility and purpose that permeates our work this time around. Willingness to fix things…

What Is The ‘Dexter’ Reboot About?

Hall wanted to keep quiet about the plot. But earlier it was revealed that Dexter has since moved from Oregon to New York. He lives in the fictional remote town of Iron Lake named Jim Lindsay and works as a salesman in a local shop. But that doesn’t mean he has completely closed the doors to his past.

“Dexter always has what we call the ‘dark traveler’ living inside him,” showrunner Clyde Phillips previously reported TV Insider. “He’s more grounded than ever, but that dark traveler is a voice he can’t deny. It’s right. People are going to die.”

‘Dexter’ showrunner hints at why he moved from Oregon to New York

As of now, Hall is the only original actor on board for the reboot. But there are several newcomers, including Clancy Brown, who will play the villainous Kurt Caldwell. Caldwell’s character description, according to tv line, portrays him as a community figure. “If he’s got your back, consider yourself blessed. But whether you cross Kurt, or hurt someone he cares about, God help you,” the summary says.

The show won’t premiere for a few more months, but in the meantime, you can watch the earlier seasons online now.

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