Digital Transformation for Digital Native Businesses

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Digital transformation is about real transformation from old to new in pursuit of value creation in a changing landscape. Large enterprises often embrace digital transformation to stay relevant to meet new and emerging challenges. These general sets of challenges range from legacy systems to legacy processes, culture and/or mindset.

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While the above is true for large enterprises, digital transformation has a different meaning in the context of digital core businesses. Digital natives are businesses that have been established over the past 10 years and use the digital medium as their primary mechanism of value creation. They don’t suffer from legacy stuff.

Digital native businesses share the following common technical characteristics that shape their digital transformation needs:

  • Public cloud access for infrastructure operations
  • Strive for a state-of-the-art DevOps setup in your context
  • Widely value depth in technology skills
  • Work as Lean Tech Teams
  • Non-hierarchical and fast decision making

Digital natives use cloud computing with modern practices such as agile and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). However, like any business, these companies still need to grow with the technology. And in a world where technology changes so rapidly, it’s difficult: IT architecture becomes slow and inconvenient, costs mount, security vulnerabilities appear out of nowhere, the amount of data and data to store explode. It costs more.

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Digitally native businesses are highly technical, but usually in specialist areas. They may be “born in the cloud,” but many struggle to take advantage of the full potential of emerging technology like the cloud, data and AI.

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Following are the four major technological challenges in their continuous transformation journey:

  1. Acquiring and retaining relevant technical talent
  2. Keeping up with technological advancements – Cloud, data and AI are evolving at an exponential pace making it physically impossible to stay on top of everything
  3. Adhering to best practices while growing 10x – it’s easy to lose sight of fundamental technical principles resulting in overstretched and complex architecture with higher running costs
  4. Involving Tech Consulting Partners with relevant technical skills to increase net worth
Business Reporter: Digital Transformation for Digital Native Businesses

Hazel Oliver, CTO of Nimbla, has been in the digital space for more than two decades and has traveled in the field of technological transformation. In the video above, Hazel shares her IT journey from working in traditional corporations to digital native with Sears executives. It centers around the need for digital transformation in digital natives. Watch the full video here

The available cloud technology is constantly changing. The advent of containers and Kubernetes means that more can be done with fewer resources and at less cost. For digital natives, the ever-changing benefits of the cloud are important. Previously, cloud service providers only provided infrastructure; Currently, they provide a full range of services including infrastructure management. This frees its customers from labor and allows them to focus on value creation rather than mundane responsibilities like keeping the lights on.

Helping digital natives scale faster

Digital natives need to free themselves from the constraints of technological self-sufficiency if they want to achieve higher levels of development. Digitally native businesses need to accelerate using emerging technologies such as automation and machine learning. By partnering with third parties with specialist skills, they will be able to make the most of the potential emerging technologies have to offer.

Specialist third parties with in-depth knowledge of untapped technological opportunities are a powerful way for these businesses to increase effectiveness and reduce operational risks. Digital Native is needed to understand Digital Native! Searce is a Google Cloud Platform-focused cloud native consulting firm. Searce works with digital native businesses around the world to help them expand 10x faster by leveraging cloud, data and artificial intelligence.

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