Dinner with Donald: Trump says ‘survival was more difficult than running the country’ in new documentary with Ivanka, Jared and Kellyanne Conway – where his inner circle all push for him to run again in 2024

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  • Donald Trump DailyWire+. the subject of a new documentary on
  • The roughly hour-long feature is titled ‘My Dinner with Trump’ and is set around a dinner table at the New Jersey Golf Club in Bedminster.
  • The former president and his inner circle watched his presidency and expressed their dismay about the Biden administration on plates of food
  • He at one point teased another White House saying, ‘We did a great job. We did it together… and we’re giving it very, very serious thought to do it again’
  • Two clips from the documentary were provided exclusively to DailyMail.com

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Donald Trump said “survival” during his White House tenure was more difficult than being president in a new documentary released Thursday, where he also suggested the challenge would not stop him from running again.

He also confirmed long-running reports that the US had sought $5 billion from South Korea to keep US troops stationed there during the renegotiation of a 2019 defense contract with the longtime ally.


The clips, obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com, are from a new one-hour documentary focused on Trump and his outlook on the presidency.

The title of the film is ‘My Dinner with Trump’. Daily Wire+ The former president’s in Bedminster, New Jersey Golf Club, is set largely to his title credits. Its streaming is starting from today.

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He is also associated with relatives and former advisers Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, former press secretary Sarah Sanders, former economic adviser Larry Kudlow and Dr. Ben is surrounded by former members of his administration, including Carson, who served as Trump’s housing and urban development. Secretary.

The dinner guests are not from the same point in their administration. While he portrayed key players such as Sanders from the outset, there were later recruits such as Trump’s last acting Homeland Security Secretary, Chad Wolf.

Former aides who are still in Trump’s orbit such as Stephen Miller, Dan Scavino, Mercedes Schlap and Jason Miller were also ranked at the table.

The documentary focuses on the former president and his guests reflecting on Trump’s time in office, while expressing his dissatisfaction with the current Biden administration.

Daily Wire+ is releasing a new documentary titled ‘My Dinner with Trump’ on November 3.

Two exclusive clips acquired by DailyMail.com just ahead of its much-anticipated release

Two exclusive clips acquired by DailyMail.com just ahead of its much-anticipated release

In it, Trump is on court with his current aides and former administration members for dinner at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course.

In it, Trump is on court with his current aides and former administration members for dinner at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course.

As a deliberate flirtation through part of the feature, guests repeatedly lashed out at Trump in attitudes about his 2024 ambitions, which ranged from righteous indignation to pleas for help.

Every time it is brought up, Trump jumps to another topic, while barely acknowledging the idea.

At one point, he said: ‘We did a great job. We did it together. Again, we built the largest economy the world has ever seen. And we are giving it very, very serious thought to do it again.’

It does not differ from statements Trump has made in the past, but it takes on new significance with the midterm elections – after which it was reported that he would announce his decision.

In the first clip provided to DailyMail.com, he said, ‘You know, we worked very hard and we worked probably three times as hard, five times as hard as anyone else. Because I had two jobs – running the country and staying alive.

Trump continued, ‘If you think about it, surviving was much more difficult than running the country.

Conway quipped, ‘Biden feels the same way.’

‘Never mind, one thing, and then two weeks later another will begin, we will beat him, another will begin. It goes on and on. They were desperate and they were terrible,’ Trump said of his critics.

He also suggested that those critics made the United States a ‘difficult’ country to navigate compared to Russia, North Korea or China.

‘The hardest country ever was the USA. It was the hardest country. We have some very, very bad and neurotic people,’ Trump said.

“I mean, when you look at some of the things that were said during impeachment hoax number one and number two, doing so many other things, it was all made up. Everything was made by sick people.’

Moving on from the present day, Trump accused Democrats of pushing “propaganda” about Republicans in this midterm election cycle, claiming the Left was accusing the right of police to discredit.

“All of a sudden, Democrats, they’re pulling away and they’re saying Republicans want to defame the police. It’s called propaganda,’ Trump said.

‘It’s the most incredible thing, and the second one was ID, voter ID. They said we ask for voter ID as they are losing on that front.

He said, ‘It’s called total disinformation. And this is a — it’s a disgrace. It’s a curse. But I actually said, he said, which was – could this be Russia? Could it be China? I said no, this is USA, the hardest one.’

In other parts of the documentary, Trump delved into his foreign policy – confirming for the first time that he had asked South Korea for $5 billion to keep American troops stationed there.

At the time of the talks, which eventually ended, Seoul lawmakers had said Trump had asked for a 500 percent increase in his contribution to his joint defense deal with Washington.

He discusses aspects of his foreign policy, such as holding talks with the country's then-President Moon Jae-in at US troops' stations in South Korea.

He discusses aspects of his foreign policy, such as holding talks with the country’s then-President Moon Jae-in at US troops’ stations in South Korea.

The then president stated that the US presence there was $5 billion, although neither side formally confirmed that figure was in fact the pitch.

But Trump reiterated the talks – in somewhat broader terms – in a second clip provided to DailyMail.com.

‘South Korea, I said,’ Trump said, ‘you’re not paying for military security.’ They went crazy. And then eventually they paid off billions of dollars. And we were not finished.’

Trump, while describing his conversation with former South Korean President Moon Jae-in, said, ‘I said, so pay $5 billion. And we agreed to a billion two, not the best negotiation. I said, but next year, you’re going to pay $5 billion. He said no, no, no, I said yes, yes, yes. I would have won, okay?’

‘Yeah, they weren’t paying anything. And we got a lot of money, but the big hit was next year,’ he said, referring to the 2020 presidential race.

‘Then we had an election that was rigged and stolen. And then it doesn’t matter what I said.

Referring to Biden’s current ties with the Asian country, he said, “I have heard that South Korea, the United States have agreed to a long-term military security pact for the cost of living.” And I said, isn’t it sad? Isn’t it pathetic?’

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