Disney + poll now gives viewers 31 hours of TV viewing per week

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    The findings have been released to coincide with the launch of Star on Disney +

    A new survey conducted by Disney + has revealed how the lockdown has affected the viewing habits of its customers – reporting that viewers are now watching television an average of 31 hours a week.

    Election findings have been released on 23 February to coincide with the launch of the service’s new streaming hub, Star, aimed at adult audiences.

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    A quarter (27 percent) of respondents were accepting to watch TV during the day when they should have worked, while 37 percent said that their favorite job to do at the third lockdown was watching more TV and movies.

    Familiarity in viewing habits seemed an exaggerated topic, as two-thirds of respondents said they re-watched a TV series in lockdown (64 percent), with 43 percent turning it into “melancholy shows”, according to the poll.

    ‘family Guy’. Credit: Everett Collection Inc. / Alamy

    The study also found that men spend an average of five hours watching television every week (30 hours) compared to women (25 hours) with prior enrollment. family Guy TV series as their “guilty pleasures”, and most of the women who responded were selected for desperate Housewives.

    Tim Glenfield, Editorial Director at RadioTimes.com It has been said: “It has been a very challenging year for so many people, the British public has turned to television for solitude, escapism, information and entertainment.

    “With the boom in subscriptions to streaming services like Disney +, the epidemic has accelerated the pace of change in most media situations, as people seek out the latest releases and find comfort in watching their favorite shows and movies . “

    Last month (24 January), a similar study found that US consumers are now spending an average of $ 47 (£ 34) per month on video subscription services, 24% since the onset of the coronavirus virus.

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