Doc Rivers’ Twitter account ‘compromised’ amid likes of adult content

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Not long ago we learned that Doc Rivers had been hacked.

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On Friday night, as much of the sports world was preparing for football weekend, Internet executives began to detect some bizarre behavior from Rivers’ Twitter account. The Sixers coach was ‘liking’ other adult material.

Multiple reports from Sixers journalists indicated that Rivers had been hacked.


“I have been told that Doc Rivers’ Twitter account was hacked and the Sixers were able to undo the likes and are bringing their account back to full working order,” John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia tweeted. “The doctor was informed by a friend about the strange activity on his account and the team is looking into it.”

Multiple reports indicate that Doc Rivers was hacked among the ‘likings’ of adult content on his Twitter account.
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Paul Hudrick, who edits Liberty Ballers, a Sixers blog on SB Nation, couple: “Confirmed via a source that Doc Rivers’ Twitter account was compromised and the team was working overnight to address it. All content has since been undated and Rivers has He has full access to his account.

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However, Hudrick clarified, there were still some hiccups as of Saturday morning.

“Apparently there is still an issue resetting his password which the team is working with Twitter to resolve,” Hudrick tweeted,

The Sixers entered the 2022–23 season with 17–1 odds to win the NBA Championship on FanDuel.

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