Doctor reveals how to spot controlling people with these five signs

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A doctor reveals the signs to know if one has control instincts.

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Clinical psychologist Dr Kieran Schnack posted the video on his TikTok account, DruckerenWhere it has been seen more than a million times.

Dr Kiren shared the video on Tik Tok
Controlling behavior can manifest in many ways

Controlling behavior can manifest in many wayscredit: getty

Dr. Kieran has worked as a psychologist for over 18 years and uses her TikTok account to highlight how various mental health issues affect people as well as recognize toxic behavior in others. that can affect your mental health.


In a video, Dr. Kieran demonstrates how to find out how to control behavioral tendencies, especially in parents or relationships.

She captioned the video: “Who’s controlling you, a colleague, friend, parent, partner?”

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While it is normal to take control of your life, it can manifest in ways that negatively affect those around you.

Dr Kieren adds: “Here are five signs that someone is controlling.

“They’re poignant and easily triggered when you don’t do things your way.

“They keep a close eye on the little things and comment on them when you’re doing things.

“They have very rigid expectations of how you should behave.

“They react negatively and disproportionately when they can’t make you do things the way they want you to do it.

“They believe you have many flaws, but don’t recognize your shortcomings.”

In the comments, Dr. Kieran also said: “People with controlling behavior will usually show it in many situations.”

Many people in the comments were grateful that Dr. Kieran had made this video because it opened their eyes to their own controlling behaviors, as well as the ones they saw in their spouses and parents.

One user wrote, “Well, I’m married.”

Another person commented: “I’m a controlling person. It’s absolutely me.”

A third person replied: “OMG I know someone just like that, so I cut off any discussion with him, especially about me. He’s always negative when it comes to what I say.”

While there were many who agreed with the video, there were others who felt differently.

One user replied: “Okay, so some of this really sounds like someone is trying to be helpful, where it bothers you is unusual.”

Another user commented: “Not recognizing their shortcomings is the only one I agree with, others are just parenting.”

Dr. Kiren is a clinical psychologist and educates people about mental health

Dr. Kiren is a clinical psychologist and educates people about mental healthcredit: tiktok

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