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A family dog ​​was rescued by firefighters in Hungary and left unattended over the weekend after getting its head stuck in an iron door.


The dog, Fools, got trapped in the door of a house on Sunday in the village of Vereghaz in Pest County, about 34 kilometers (21 miles) northeast of Budapest.

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rescue footage The operation was shared by Hungary’s disaster management agency on Monday, in which the animal’s head was stuck in a small hole in the door.

Firefighters from the nearby town of Godoli answered the call, who freed the animal’s head from the door using a plate cutter and other technical equipment. English translation of ‘Agency’ post.

A screengrab from the video shows a dog with its head stuck in an iron door at a family home in rural Hungary on October 10, 2021. credit: Godolo Http via Storyful

The video shows the fuses finally being released from the door. Officials said the animal was completely safe and was later reunited with the owner.

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Last year, another dog in Louisiana suffered a similar fate after being trapped under a fence While trying to escape from a backyard. The animal tried to squeeze through a small hole dug under a fence in a yard near Baton Rouge and was helped out of the plight by firefighters.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.