Dolly Parton is re-imagining her classic workplace anthem for a modern audience.

The 75-year-old country music songwriter recently remade his hit single, “9 to 5”, for a new ad for the upcoming Super Bowl LV – as reported by Squarespace chief creative officer David Lee.

“How do we consider someone as legendary as Dolly Parton and ask her if it is okay to rewrite and re-add one of her most iconic songs?” Lee called back in email Hollywood reporter. “Turns out that not only did he love the idea, he also loved rewriting.”

Modernizing “9 to 5” for new audiences plagued by the coronovirus epidemic, Parton recorded “5 to 9” – a song that depicts modern-day entrepreneurs as they stir between side gigs from 5pm to 9pm We do.

The whole is partly a hatwarming story of people who have always been used for every person.

Dolly Parton recorded her 1980 classic '9 to 5' for the upcoming Super Bowl.

Dolly Parton recorded her 1980 classic ‘9 to 5’ for the upcoming Super Bowl.

“After a solo chat with her manager, she moved to the studio almost immediately to record the ‘5 to 9’ track,” Lee said. “Dolly herself has been tickling her whole life and can really relate to the message we were trying to convey.”

Although Parton would not appear in the commercial, Lee noted that the singer’s reissue track would serve as “passing the torch to the next generation”.

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“The music is the main character and star of the commercial,” Lee said, noting that he and director Damien Chazelle shared similar visions. “We all agreed that the idea would be reinforced with his words and music, which is guiding the narrative – he is torching the next generation.”

Lee also spoke on Squarespace’s collaboration with other Hollywood stars, including Jeff Bridges and Keanu Reeves.

Lee said while working with other Hollywood celebs, “We love doing creative work, which is unpredictable, and the individuals we always give our unique spin and signature to do the work.”

Parton’s original song, “9 to 5”, served as the title track for the 1980 film of the same name, starring the singer alongside Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. The film “9 to 5” works with three women as they overthrow the tough and antagonistic boss of their company, played by Dabney Coleman. The film eventually earned Parton an Oscar nomination.