Ottawa — All were missing when legislators from the United Conservative government gathered this week to decide the fate of their dead-heads-run.

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The caucuses were boiling – and fearing for their political careers – as the fourth-wave case count turned tsunami, kneeling for the Fed to help the province with ICUs filled to cattle-car capacity by the windy and unconnected. was forced to.

But then came a sign that you should probably never underestimate Jason Kenny.


Premiere pre-empts the Kill-Kenny mood in the room by offering a leadership review next year So that he can build the party back from the grave. If that vote leans against him, he vows to quietly resign and leave the party in recovery mode for his successor.

And then sources say a strange thing happened – Kenny remained silent for nearly five hours as legislators put a halt to his failed coronavirus containment measures, leaving Alberta’s viral outbreak among the worst in the country.

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This is not normal Kenny behavior. He is a lousy listener, especially in his caucuses, and reacts harshly when challenged.

But with the noose slipping until next year, a retaliation where he will undoubtedly use next month’s provincial referendum to end the equalizer (which will never happen) to whip up the Ottawa hysteria, his rule as premier is excessive. is in crisis.

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Voters dump politicians for strange reasons; Whether it’s dithering (Paul Martin), a poor House of Commons presence (Michael Ignatieff), bad TV interviews (Stephen Dion) or just because they’re tired of them (Stephen Harper).

But Kenny is facing a full-on justification for the pink slip thanks to his chronic vocal-deafness during the pandemic, taking a two-week holiday in Europe this month to be incredibly on top as Albertans die from the consequences of his policies. Were.

He’s veered from pitifully bribing unvaccinated immunizations with $100 to get his shot to start his ban waiver program, which is essentially the vaccine passport he promised never to offer. Was.

He has shown more enthusiasm in funding the $30 million Ministry of Truth to attack those who stigmatize the oil industry’s halo than in denying the epidemic of fake news driving vaccine hesitation in Alberta.

And he couldn’t contain his own out-of-step ideology by taking doctors on their compensation plan at the start of the pandemic, prompting some to move out of the province in times of its greatest need. .

If his leadership survives the party membership vote – a huge IF in my view – Kenny has two years to resurrect the UPC’s fortunes before facing voters.

Now, lest we forget, Jason Kenny can change a lot in two years.

Kenny performed his version of Ralph Klein’s miracle on the prairie when he quit becoming an MP to claim Alberta PC leadership, merging that party with the Wild Rose Party, to win a legislature seat. To gain the leadership of the united Conservatives again to become Prime Minister. , all that in less than three years.

But now it’s almost a given that Kenny will enter Alberta’s history books as a one-time blunder.

His negative influence this week was partly to blame for giving the Federal Liberals and the NDP a combined four-seat stake in their Alberta dead zones.

And there are concerns that his raging unpopularity could spread to Saskatchewan, Ontario and even New Brunswick if the all-conservative premier is unfairly portrayed as commentary-hesitant and passport-averse.

Jason Kenney, one of the most successful federal cabinet ministers led by Stephen Harper, has become the Canadian textbook on how to go wrong in a pandemic.

It’s been nearly 30 years since Kenny’s star began to shine as the anti-tax advocate who confronted then-prime minister Klein over the province’s lucrative MP pension scheme.

Klein smelled a political threat from the outspoken youngster, admitted it was too rich and outright canceled the MP pension scheme, asking voters to forgive him for being human.

The ruthless Kenny, who dodges the blame for his many mistakes and better cold shoulders than sympathizes, would never contemplate turning completely upside down in such a drastic change—and if he did. Couldn’t even sell it successfully.

This is why Alberta’s Un-Klein is in rapid decline and no miracle is in sight on the prairie.

That’s the bottom line.