OTTAWA — The biggest scandal of Justin Trudeau’s second term faced a scathing headline-grabbing committee report, a gift swam down from political heavens where, mentioned long ago as a wag, god clear Definitely a liberal.

An all-opposition brutal but salient analysis of the WE controversy – that the prime minister and his finance minister tried to hand over half a billion dollar government contracts to friends of their families, some of them paid off – was issued as It was in the Liberal side that the news of the Green Party’s defection came.

Now, Frederickton MP Jenika Atwin’s leaving the Greens over Middle East political differences is odd, but it’s not going to change the dynamics in the House of Commons.

Still, it helped turn the channel on a bad news day for the government and, in the long term, it dealt a demoralizing blow to the rival of the three-seat Green Party, which garnered 1.2 million votes in 2019. I could have a Liberal leaning.

So, on balance, it was a very good day for Trudeau as the prime minister left for London for the G7 summit, where he was set to become the summit’s biggie when Germany’s Angela Merkel was Chancellor. Will quit as

but I digress.

The point is that opposition lawmakers were fully justified in delaying, denying, ignoring, obstructing, and generally treating Trudeau’s office very badly as the ethics committee considered his conflicted family relations with the Kilberger brothers. relations were investigated.

But Liberal Lapdog countered with a water-is-no-evil minority report to suggest some toughening of ethics and lobbying rules. And the same thing will happen. People will yawn. Another scam averted.

After covering politics for four decades, I can’t remember a prime minister or prime minister who broke or avoided so many promises, endured so many controversies, and was polar opposite of his promise. Changed in reverse, introduced new faces only to maintain good standards. Popularity.

For his 2,040 days as prime minister, questionable conduct, bad judgment, and scandals have lulled Trudeau with a slippery handle that acts like superglue to Teflon.

And now he is apparently starting to decline the election by arguing his agenda has been thwarted by a parliamentary paralysis that can only be unblocked by a majority mandate.

Trudeau’s survival is particularly impressive as he has turned into a leader he may not have recognized in 2015.

Her feminist credentials must be tarnished after the allegations are debunked, and allegations of sexual impropriety against Chief of Defense Staff Jonathan Vance must be deliberately ignored.

His pledge to work constructively with parliament has rarely answered direct questions to a prime minister whose office disregards proposals for documents or staff presence that border on contempt.

His sunshine-at-the-best-disinfectant pledge of openness and transparency has morphed into a secret-to-the-point-of-the-crazy government.

His mediocre cabinet is filled with ministers of frontline capacity, most prized for their willingness to obey orders from above, while backbenchers find themselves in PMO-scripted commas.

They have increased the size of the government to the point of internal paralysis, where a seasoned lobbyist has noted incredulously, now assistant deputy ministers, senior assistant deputy ministers, associate assistant deputy ministers, acting assistant deputy ministers and assistants to each. There are expensive layers of employees. Post.

And, as columnist Susan Delacourt points out, Trudeau has acquired an interesting ability to talk to both sides of his mouth without hearing the contradiction. He condemns the killing of four Muslims in London as terrorism and still remains silent on a new Quebec law that prohibits them from wearing religious clothing to work in public businesses.

And yet, if the polls are any indication, Trudeau’s moderates are much closer to majority territory before the Green Party begins its influence under interesting new leader Annie Paul.

As a prime minister of shape-shifting, morality-bending, controlling, covert, highly partisan demeanor, Justin Trudeau deserves a serious challenge in the upcoming election.

He is certainly a major victory away from proving he is a moderate god.

That’s the bottom line.