Donald Glover reportedly signs major new TV deal with Amazon

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    Sources claim that Malia Obama has been hired as a writer for one of Gloria’s upcoming projects

    Donald Glover has reportedly signed several new multi-year TV deals with Amazon.

    The actor, writer and musician will leave his current deal with Disney-owned FX, which is behind his acclaimed TV series Atlanta, To partner with Amazon.

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    Glover’s new deal was first reported Hollywood reporter, With the outlet claiming that it has signed an eight-figure deal to create a new “Content Channel of Hell” for Amazon that “spotlight works and other curated content” on Amazon’s Prime Video Hub ” Will happen.

    Amazon has also signed Glover’s brother Stephen, who writes and produces Atlanta With Glover.

    Donald Glover (Picture: Getty)

    Hollywood reporter It is said that Glover will produce several projects for Amazon, including a project called a potential series. Bee-Hive – “revolve around figure like a Beyoncé” and set to stem from Janitor Producer and writer Jenin Numbers.

    The outlet cites sources that claim Mallya Obama, the daughter of former US President Barack Obama, has been hired as a writer Bee-Hive.

    Amazon has declined to comment on the reports.

    The news of Glover’s deal with Amazon came after the announcement last weekend, with which he is teaming up Fleabag Producer and star Phoeb to star in the new version of Waller-Bridge Mr and Mrs Smith, Which will air on Amazon.

    AtlantaMeanwhile, its third and fourth season shooting is expected to begin next month.

    The show, which aired in May 2018, has yet to determine its future, but it does reflect Glover’s Amazon commitments Three hearted Reports that Glover has a carved out to continue work Atlanta Should it be what he wants to do ”.

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