‘Doom’ announced the limited edition physical collection

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    The set, including all three games, will be available for pre-order from Friday

    Limited Run Games is announced Apocalypse: Classics Collection, A physical limited collection that will be released on the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

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    Limited release features Doom 1, 2 And 3Together as a physical bundle for the first time. Pre-orders will be available from the Limited Run Games store on April 2, although a release date for the collection has not been announced.

    Announcement came through Twitter Earlier this week (29 March) when the official Limited Run Games account tweeted about the collection.

    A special edition of the collection features a replica keycard, a Doom USB floppy disk, a steelbook cover, and an original comic. A premium version also has a Doom Shadowbox inside the CE box with a premium window.

    Apocalypse: Classics Collection Will launch with all three games on one cartridge, making all three games playable out of the box without any additional download.

    Founded in 2015, Limited Run Games distributed limited-edition physical versions of titles of legacy consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and even the Wii U and PS Vita.

    The distributor typically focuses on a digital-only title that is not normally physically released. Independent titles including Papers Please, Oxenfree and Thimbleweed Park received limited physical launches of only a few thousand copies.

    Elsewhere, Doom eternal Game director Hugo Martin suggests that the game’s latest DLC, the Ancient Gods Part II franchise, may not be the end.

    Martin revealed that the DLC “contains a lot of signs that we can move forward”.

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