Dr. Dre raps about divorce and cerebral aneurysm on new track with KXNG crooked

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    “You know we don’t tolerate that nonsense, somehow get our hands on our pockets”

    A new Dr. A piece of the Dre track previewed online that listens to the great producer rap about his divorce and recent cerebral aneurysm.

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    DJ Silk, a longtime collaborator of Dre’s Aftermath Records, surprised fans during a recent Instagram Live session that has so far been recorded, including rapper KXNG Crooked.

    On minimal background, Dre discusses his publicized divorce from ex-wife Nicole Young, as well as his recent cerebral aneurysm scare that leads to him being hospitalized.

    (Bitch) trying to make me lie with them and that hurt / ICU / I see you trying to fuck me during surgery, “There is a rape on the track.”In ICU / death bed, cheat on some money / greedy bitch, take a pick, girl you know how to get money.

    Switching your flow before bringing KXNG to crooked, Dre says: “You know we don’t tolerate that bullshit, shake hands out of my pocket anyways / This life is as private as a pilot, it’s settled, it’s Poseidon.

    Listen to the snippet below:

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    Some are speculating that Eminem is also on track, but there is no confirmation yet.

    Last year, it was reported that Drs. Dre’s new album is finished, and features a performance from Eminem.

    Taking to Twitter in November, Page Kennedy hinted that he’d heard what would be the legendary artist’s fourth studio album, and the first since 2015’s ‘Compton’.

    The album “It” sounded album [fire]”He wrote.” Hope to hear from you all. “

    Meanwhile, Eminem has hosted new remastered music videos for the songs, which have supported his 2002 album ‘The Eminem Show’.

    The Detroit rapper’s fourth studio album was released in May 2002 and includes the singles’ Without Me ‘,’ Clinin ‘Out My Closet’ and ‘Superman’.

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