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Cardiothoracic surgeon and television host Dr. Mehmet Oz talks about his recently announced candidacy for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania during an interview with Granthshala News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday.

Oz, who went to grad school in President Biden’s hometown of Wilmington, Dell., and who has lived in New Jersey for several years before moving back to Pennsylvania last year, announced early Tuesday that he would replace retired Republican Senator Patrick J. Tome.


Oz told “Hannity” that as the son of Turkish immigrants who were given “unique opportunities” by the United States to become a successful doctor and television personality, “it is my debt.” It’s time to pay.”

“America is in crisis, it’s not news, our values ​​are under attack – so I want to serve America in its time of need,” Oz said, adding that the people of Pennsylvania are calling on their elected leaders for the crisis. deserves a better solution than what they are currently bearing.

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Oz talked about his medical expertise and how he recognized that the now long “two weeks to stop the spread” socioeconomic restriction period placed on Pennsylvania and many other Americans is much more complicated and worse for people. has occurred.

“I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand what went wrong and it embodies other issues we’re struggling with in our great country. Two weeks to flatten the curve. Remember the phrase? It’s this terrible totalitarianism.” Turned in and overpowered him. Don’t make us safe,” he said.

“People with big yards told people without yards to stay indoors because that’s where the virus was. Some closed parks, shamed people about beaches — and now with Omicron Threatened the same overreach. [variant] …” she told Hannity.

“I think those choices should be yours, the American people,” he said, praising President Trump’s handling of vaccine development. “I have fought to empower my audience, my patients, and now the people of Pennsylvania.”

“Whatever option I make will serve the citizens of Pennsylvania and the United States, and none of them will serve the special interests in Washington, many of whom I have been at war throughout my career.”

Oz mentioned how in the past he “took Big Pharma … and has the marks to prove it”, and also lent support to law enforcement amid the ‘Defend’ movement.

He pointed to the recent murder of a Temple University student who was the subject of a robbery attempt in the notoriously dangerous neighborhood around a North Philadelphia school.

The 'Pennsylvania Welcome You' road sign at the state border on Interstate 95 in Marcus Hook.

Oz also told Hannity that his view on education policy is that the people who know best are parents and local teachers, rather than large government bodies.

“So you need options so that you can make sure you can take the kids where you need to be – you need local governance … and you need to defend your values,” he said.

Before Oz’s announcement, the GOP primary to succeed Tommy faced unrest as Trump-backed Republican Sean Parnell suspended his bid amid a tumultuous child custody battle.

Oz faces a few other Republicans—including military veteran and conservative commentator Cathy Barnett, former Trump ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands and investor Jeff Bartos—while the state’s Democratic lieutenant governor, John Fetterman, currently in a fundraising column in the Democratic field. lead the.

FILE - In this January 24, 2019, file photo, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Gov. and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman speak at a news conference at the governor's Capitol reception room in Harrisburg, Pa.  (AP Photo/Mark Levy, FILE)

Other candidates on the Democratic side include US Representative Conor Lamb of Allegheny, State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta of Philadelphia, and State Sen Sharif StreetThe son of famous former Philadelphia Mayor John Street.

The major swing state of Pennsylvania is also home to a hotly contested gubernatorial race with Democratic Governor Tom Wolfe’s term-limit.