Drake posts DMs showing hateful messages to music critic Anthony Fantano

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Drake mocked Fantano’s album-rating formula, saying he “feeling lighter than a decent 1 [the critic’s] Existence”

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Drake appears to have had a beef with popular music journalist Anthony Fantano (known for his YouTube channel) needle drop), revealing voluntarily that he had sent hate messages to the critic on Instagram.

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Drake posted a screenshot of the messages Fantano sent to Fantano on his Instagram Story, mocking the critics’ rating system—which would give him a score of 1 to 10, prefixed with “light”, “decent”. Strong” or somewhere in between (i.e. “a light gentler than 5”) – by writing: “Your existence is a light. And 1 is ‘because you’re alive. And’ because you’ve somehow made a black girl’s wife.” I feel decent 1 from the light on your existence.”


This comes after Fantano mocked Drake’s message on YouTube; In a video posted to his eponymous secondary channel, he spoke via screenshots of a fake thread, with Drake enthusiastically sharing a vegan recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Nowhere in the video, which lasts just over eight and a half minutes, Fantano doesn’t even point to the actual content of Drake’s messages.

After Drake shared the actual messages he sent to Fantano, the latter shared a valid response to the situation, calling the messages “very crazy, salty… Explaining why he shared the initial video with humorous fake messages, Fantano said he himself would have considered it “silly and garbage” to share the messages, but saw an opportunity to generate content from the situation.

Fantano explained that his intention was to “make” [the fake messages] So absurd and so silly that anyone who sees me reading them aloud will look at it and be like, ‘Drake didn’t send him this! It’s funny… it’s just a rubbish post.’ Which was — actually, it was a shitpost.”

Critics were ultimately taken aback by Drake’s bullying attempt – explaining how the rapper had used his rating system to insult him, Fantano quipped: “You can’t destroy me with your rating system, man, This is my rating system.”


Drake’s seventh album, “Honestly Never Matter,” came out back in June. The record earned a three-star review from NME Kian-Cian Williams, heard on last year’s ‘Certified Lover’s Boy’, described the album as “an unexpected height from the bland trap”.

Fantano, on the other hand, gave the album a review so horrifying It did not guarantee a numbered rating. He called it “one-note, badly constructed, weakly sung”. [and] Horrifyingly under-written”.

Earlier this month, Drake received 10 nominations for this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards, including Best Live Artist, Songwriter of the Year, Hip Hop Artist of the Year and Hustler of the Year.

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