Drew Barrymore reunites with Cameron Diaz on his birthday show

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    Drew Barrymore has had his own day-time show for about six months now, and it’s clear he’s natural at it. She is excessive and awkward and infinitely hot, especially with those with whom she is close. (One of her first episodes claimed a truly moving reunion with her ex-husband Tom Green.) So as she celebrated her birthday on Monday’s show, there were tears of joy on several occasions.

    There were many surprises in store for hosting Drew Barrymore ShowSome of them are big-name guest friends. One of them was Cameron Diaz, two of whose costumes Charlie’s Beloved Movies and one of his closest friends. Apparently it was difficult for them to reunite in person, but not even a virtual hangup could stop them from telling each other. They spoke to each other in their secret language. He reveals that they have the same surname for each other: “poo-poo.” They went into some detail about how they use the word “Parmesan”, which means everything.

    They also, perhaps, inevitably, also raised questions about the revival of their recurrence, even on Barrymore’s birthday Charlie’s Beloved. They danced around it, their friendship being more important than some movie franchises. “I’m a grandmother in the inner tubes with poo poo, so we can do anything and everything as long as we’re together,” Bairmore said. “I have the whole life to be with you.”

    “I always say I’ll never say never,” said Diaz, who has retired very happily since 2018. “I feel the same way.”

    They also became emotional. “One of the great joys of my life is our friendship,” Diaz told Barrymore. “When I think of you, I really cry, because I think you’re so special and to celebrate you every year, it’s one of my favorite times of the year.”

    “You have made me a better person,” said Barrymore. “And you’ve seen me through everything. Ugly, beautiful, loss, life, birth. ”

    There was another guest, who came in front of Diaz: David Letterman. But the longtime late night talk show host actually appeared in person, though only after a bit in which he stumbled around with Zoom. Seeing her in the flesh, Barrymore completely lost it, broke down in tears and said to her, “I’m so thankful that you came here.”

    Was so cute too! You can see their exchange below, and happy birthday, Drew!

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