Drive giant war turtles in ‘Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons’ beta

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Two Seater, Well Armed, Siege War Turtles

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Latest beta for ArenaNet’s MMORPG Guild Wars 2 Gives players a taste of an impressive new mount that’s coming in next year’s expansion — a giant, two-seat siege tortoise with mounted cannons.

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The Siege Turtle will make its full appearance end of dragons, a major add-on to the game launching in February 2022. The current beta build, however, is running until December 4th (thanks, pcgameno) will allow players to gain early experience for impressive mounts.


Players will be able to raise their Siege Turtle from a hatchling, and once fully developed it will be equipped with cannons powered by Z technology and a twin-seater cockpit. You’ll also be able to use the jump jet to launch your turtle briefly through the air, either to cross rough terrain to attack enemies.

There seem to be several naughty signs to work with siege turtles, giant cannons erupting from their shells. pokemon blastoise, while flight mechanic sounds like a reference to cinematic kaiju gamera, They’re one of the most imaginable mounts you’ll find in an MMO, so will likely be hugely popular. Guild Wars 2 players.

The beta will let players experiment with new elite specializations for the characters, which can be viewed below:

new or existing Guild Wars 2 Players can participate in the beta by following the instructions Here, Once a beta character has been created – existing characters cannot be left in the beta, unfortunately – players will begin at level 80 in the City of the Lion Ark, equipped with full builds, expertise and relevant gear.

Most importantly, Siege Turtle Mount can be summoned anywhere in the open world by clicking the ‘Mount Summon’ slot at the very end of the in-game skill bar. Players will want to enjoy their turtle power while they can – once the beta ends on December 4th at 10 p.m. PT (5 a.m. GMT), their beta characters and any progress will be deleted .


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