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Drones have the ability to capture incredible, picturesque photography – and footage taken earlier this month by a Utah-based drone operator is no exception.


A drone captured a stunning palette of fall colors in the landscape around Snowbasin Resort in Huntsville on October 2.

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The footage was taken by drone photographer Scott T. Taylor, who wrote that it recently looked like a “Skittles rainbow of color”. Twitter Post.

“When I first got into the air with my drone, I couldn’t believe how colorful it was,” Taylor told Granthshala television stations. “I mean you can see something from the ground. But you have to see it from the air to get the full spectrum.”

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While Taylor says his photography is merely a hobby, he said he has been flying drones for about six years, trying to take shots “that you can’t normally see from the ground.”

“It feels so much more vibrant than it was years ago. Not sure why, but the colors are amazing everywhere,” Taylor continued.

Snowbasin Resort is a ski resort located 33 miles northeast of Salt Lake City. The resort recently announced significant enhancements and upgrades to the resort and guest experience, starting with the construction of new lifts and a parking expansion for the upcoming season.

But this is not the first time that unbelievable footage has been captured from a drone.

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Earlier this week, spectacular drone footage of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains showed the region’s brightly colored first autumn foliage.

The video was shared by Billy Bowling, who commented on the changing leaves on Grandfather Mountain – one of the major peaks of the Appalachian Mountains’ Blue Ridge – writing, “It’s like autumn broke his fingers.”

The video was taken just before sunset on 29 September.

was from October 1 to October 10 Forecast For the autumn season to be peak viewing time on Grandfather Mountain.

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Also, earlier this month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Celdrone Inc. released the first-ever video footage from inside a major storm, using an uncrewed surface vehicle, a floating drone.

Richard Jenkins, founder and CEO of Seldrone, said, “Celdrone is going where no research vessel has ever been, sailing into the eye of a hurricane, gathering data that will change our understanding of these powerful storms ” “Having conquered the Arctic and Southern Ocean, hurricanes were the ultimate frontier for Seldron survivability. We are proud to have engineered a vehicle capable of operating in the most extreme weather conditions on Earth.”