‘Dune’: How Shooting in Jordan and Abu Dhabi Helped the Cast?

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Denis Villeneuve, known for his indelible imagination in films, is back with yet another visual delight for his audience. With his science-fiction epic, Villeneuve incorporates breathtaking landscapes to capture the vast and overwhelming nature of the fantasy world Dune.

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From the vast blue and white sea landscape to the infinitely sprawling desert – the film captures it all. As fascinating as the movie is to watch, the real-time situations of filming at different locations have their own challenges. But they also have their merits.

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet | Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures

‘Doon’ filmed in many places

The film was shot in several countries around the world to perfectly depict the land that the Arrakis inhabits, the dry, sandy land and ocean planet Caladan. The film’s in-studio shooting was completed at Origo Film Studios in Budapest, Hungary – the same location as blade runner 2049 was filmed.


For the watery portions of the film, which mainly consisted of Caledon, Villeneuve was shot in Stadlandet, Norway. Arakis’s portrayal in the film was split between two locations. The breathtaking scenery, featuring the arid and extremely rocky region of Arrakis, was filmed in Wadi Rum, the largest valley in Jordan.

Location movies also boasts of features such as martianhandjob Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, e.t.c. But a large number of scenes in the film depict the desert in all its beautiful yet sinister glory. Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates featured in those scenes.

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Since a large part of the film involved the cast shooting in the dry and hot weather of the desert, the cast faced some obvious challenges. But the location had its upsides as well.

The absence of a green screen helped the cast

In a recent interview DiversityRebecca Ferguson, who plays Lady Jessica in the film, mentioned one of the positive aspects of coming out of shooting her desert scenes in real life.

“It was lovely not to be filming against any form of screen,” Ferguson said. “We had our imagination, whether or not we saw the storyboard or misinterpreted the size and shape – it was our reality.”

Being in the desert, be it Jordan or Abu Dhabi, Villeneuve thinks, helped his actors.

“My cinematographer said, ‘Even if you don’t believe in God when you walk in the desert in Jordan, you start to believe because it’s so impressive,'” Villeneuve said. “I think being exposed to the vastness of the landscape, helped the actors understand the relationship with nature and something that is bigger than you.”

Ferguson also revealed that Villeneuve’s visual effects team worked on the location as well.

The film features fictional sandworms wielding a magical drug called “Masala”, which is capable of giving supernatural physical and mental abilities. Realistic depictions of these elements required the visual effects team to be present on set as well.

Villeneuve said that having the artists in that environment helped bring that idea of ​​Sandworm to life.

When will ‘Doon’ release?

How successful were the beautiful landscapes in representing the supernatural setting of? Dune? It will soon become clear.

The film will hit the theaters on October 22 after completing a season attended by several film festivals. It will air the same day on HBO Max.

Jason Momoa on experiencing ‘Doon’ 3 times

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