Dustin Diamond’s girlfriend is speaking out after the actor’s untimely death.

The “Save the Bell” star died at the age of 44 on Monday, long after stage four small cell carcinoma cancer was not detected.

The actor’s 39-year-old girlfriend Tash spoke recently with the Daily Mail and opened up about the sad news.

“He The love of my life was, “she said. We made plans for the future together and often talked about having children.”

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Tash said: “I’m heartbroken.”

Actor Dustin Diamond died on Monday after a battle with cancer.

Actor Dustin Diamond died on Monday after a battle with cancer.
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A certified pharmacy technician, Tash recalled the last time he talked to Diamond the day before his death.

“Even though he was struggling to breathe and was having difficulty speaking, he was able to get me out of the words, ‘I love you.’ I told her that I love her.

She It is also revealed that he died at the home of his friend Jules in the Fort Myers, Fla., Area.

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Heera was released from a hospital around Monday afternoon and went to a friend’s house to look after Dharamshala. According to the outlet, Tash found that he was not breathing on a garnery while friends and a hospice worker were preparing a bed for him.

“After I got out of my car I went into the house to be with Dustin. That’s when I found out he wasn’t breathing,” remembered.

After a long time, he was pronounced dead.

Dustin Diamond as Screech Powers on "Saved by the Bells".  (Getty Images)

Dustin Diamond as Screech Powers on “Saved by the Bells”. (Getty Images)

Heera and Tash were staying at the friend’s house while they were being remodeled. The actor’s best friend Dan Block, president of Insurance Kings, told the Daily Mail that he had spoken to his ailing pal on Thursday before his death.

“I spoke with Dustin at night [he was hospitalized again], Thursday. He Told me he was in a lot of pain and the meds he was taking were not working, “Block recalled.” But he was excited to see his father who was flying out of California to see him the next morning. “

When Hira was rushed to the hospital on Friday, her liver enzymes were extremely inflated, her lungs were filled with fluid, and she had difficulty breathing. Come Sunday, he was “barely speaking,” Block said.

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“He Was able to say a few things on Sunday, and was able to ask for a smoothie. But he was in pain. He It felt very bad until Sunday evening, “recalled the friend. By Monday you can tell he was in pain, I think he was suffering, the way he was breathing.”

Block also revealed that actor Todd Bridges also called Diamond on Monday and was able to tell the star he would be watching [him] One day soon again. “

“Saved by the Bell” cast from left: Mario Lopez as Ellebert Clifford ‘AC’ Slater; Dennis Haskins as Mr. Richard Belding; Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle; Tiffany Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski; Elizabeth Berkeley as Jessie Spano; Mark-Paul Goselacher as Zachary ‘Zach’ Morris; And Dustin Diamond as Screech Powers. (Getty Images)

Block said that he and Tash are not at all certain that Diamond died in the house he was being transported to or with.

“It was terrible. We were all crying that he was gone. We knew he was suffering and he was no longer,” Block said. “Dustin did not want a gravestone or a memorial service. He He will be cremated over the next week and his remains will be split between Tash and his father, Mark. “

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Just before Thanksgiving in 2020, Diamond called Block and revealed that he had found a lump on his neck. When he biopsied the lump, he found that he had cancer in his spine that had spread to other parts of his body.