Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Uncle Once Bits in a Fight Knows of a Fight

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    Dwayne Johnson is an international film star known for blockbuster films such as Fast and furious Franchise, San Andreas, And Jumanji. However, prior to his success in the film business, he was a successful wrestler who dominated the WWE for many years.

    Young rock Starr comes from a long line of professional wrestlers, including his father, grandfather and several uncles. One of them, King Tonga, was one of the hardest and most feared wrestlers to do so.

    Unfortunately, Johnson’s Uncle Tonga showed his toughness outside the ring on this occasion, especially towards loud, abusive fans.

    Dwayne Johnson’s Uncle Tonga battles after a big match

    Dwayne Johnson at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Rampage” | Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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    Johnson’s Samoan relatives have a long history of working as professional wrestlers. His uncle Tonga, who was known as King Tonga in WWE, was one of the most popular Samoan wrestlers. Although he was known for being kind and sweet, he also had a tough, intimidating side that displayed itself on the occasion.

    During a 2015 interview Jimmy kimmel, Johnson talked about a fan following his Uncle Tonga match.

    “So he was out and he was eating after a big match … so after a match, some of these fans started getting a little uncontrollable when he was having dinner,” Johnson said. “And he was not only one of the toughest men in the world, but one of the kindest, gentlemen …”

    Uncle Tonga cut off a man’s nose and then continued to eat dinner

    Johnson’s Uncle Tonga was trying to enjoy his post-match meal when a group of fans started harassing him. Eventually, he gets tired of the humiliation and defends himself.

    “So he’s eating and a fan was drunk and uncontrollable, and ‘You’re not so strict,’ and my uncle said, ‘No, it’s fine, just leave me alone.’ “You’re not so strict,” finally, the boy pushes my uncle. My uncle gets up, he grabs him by the head, and he bites his nose. ”

    After biting the fan’s nose, Uncle Tonga returns to his meal as if nothing happened.

    “It’s not that kind and gentle part, like ‘I’m an animal, I told you not to play with me,” Johnson said. “He Bites his nose, hits the boom, slams him to the ground. The man goes crazy, his wife starts peeping outside. They call the police, the police find my Uncle Tonga, come back to eat. “

    Dwayne Johnson’s Samoa family fights a lot

    Johnson said fights are very common in his family, especially during Sunday dinner when everyone is drunk.

    “Every Sunday we have big dinners … It’s a big thing in our culture, all get together, and when a little bit of alcohol is involved, there’s always inevitably a lot of fights,” Johnson he said. “And not between people and people. Like, between men and women. And when you are tying the scales on three bills, I mean they are strict, strict women. “

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