‘Dying Light 2’ gameplay video pairs scenic paragliding with brutal combat

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With the quest revolving around the power cut, the video largely shows Dying Light

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Latest Gameplay Videos for Dying Light 2 The survival game features plenty of vertical exploration and violent conflicts, as players share an exhaustive quest to watch.

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posted yesterday, Dying Light 2 The gameplay video sits at 16 minutes long and gives the most comprehensive look at The City yet. The video shows someone completing the quest ‘A Place to Call Home’, with protagonist Aiden helping Lawn (played by Rosario Dawson) restore electricity to the city.


It involves getting to an electrical substation that needs to be switched back on, but the real fun is getting Aiden there. like with a paraglider breath of the wild, Aiden is able to navigate vast areas of the city without ever setting foot on the ground. It’s impressive to see that a lot Dying Light 2 is designed as a vertical platformer, as some buildings look like they can only be entered through broken windows that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Some of these buildings are infested with zombies, which – while asleep – still present a challenge that requires graphic violence and a bit of escaping to navigate.

Once at the power station, Aiden collides with peacekeepers – another Dying Light 2 factions that are also there to restore power. This is not a challenge, and soon they are in a heated battle with another human faction. Once this is dealt with, the gameplay video returns to watch Eden Chalmers walk around the power station to restore power. This then shows the player making decisions about who to assign to the newly introduced work station, a glimpse of faction-based decision making in the game.

Back in November, Techland shared a video of what the city’s open world would look like.

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